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    I've always exported as Tiff before compiling the PDF, so if there's a bug, so I wouldn't know!
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    A while back I arranged the Debussy Cello Sonata for euph and for some reason, it has had more views (now 1500+) than any other of mine since it was uploaded on 04/02/2008. It is a challenging work and I have now decided to arrange the Flute Fantasy, Op.79 (Faure) for Bb Cornet and band. If any cornet player would like to try the solo part, it can be downloaded from here. I have included a VBR audio file of my (very early) sketch for the band score. It is quite demanding in my opinion and range covers low F (... get your triggers ready!) to high E. I did have a player in mind when I decided to give this arrangement a shot. It would be great to get some feeback from cornet players on this one!
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    Well, instead of getting on with other things I needed to do, I have ploughed on with Sib.6 and this flute fantasie. One thing the updated programme is good for is sorting out the placement of hairpins against dynamic marks. It automatically shortens the hairpin when something is in its way. Neat! Cornet solo is now shaping up. I may even complete it before the weekend. If you want to listen to what it will be all about, you can get a preview here (file size is approx. 3.5 meg). Solo part is included in high resolution PDF form, unlike the attachments below!

    Cornet Soloist - Fantasie, Op.79 (Gabriel Faure)_Page_1.jpg

    Cornet Soloist - Fantasie, Op.79 (Gabriel Faure)_Page_2.jpg

    Cornet Soloist - Fantasie, Op.79 (Gabriel Faure)_Page_3.jpg
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    Errata for the Faure cornet solo .... only one that I saw. Pick-up in bar 97 is on 4th quaver and not on 3rd. I've restricted percussion to only vibes in this score which can now be viewed on the Sibelius-Music site here. This piece is in direct contrast to the other Ravel flugel feature I scored earlier in the month (see here). Both, surprisingly, don't have much cornet team involvement.
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    Sibelius 3 - Drum parts

    Hiya, does anyone know how to change the notation to show crosses and things appropriate for drum parts? Thanks, Ben
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    You need to open the properties window, click on the note head and select the one you want from the dropdown list.
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    It does tell you in the manual. There are limits to the sorts of drum notation you can do, because the new 'Drum Sets' are based on the US system.
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    I have always found that the standard drum set notation doesn't correspond with the notation you see in most band music. However, drum kit writing in bands is so vague and differs from one piece to the next. If you've seen the percussion part to Salute to Youth, you'll know what I mean!
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    :mad: I am not chuffed with Sibelius-Music at the moment and need a little advice. As you know, I have been arranging stuff from the Public Domain and displaying the scores on the site. I decided to make a couple of tweaks to the circus march, The Battle Of Shiloh by Charles Barnhouse and resubmit it. There are a couple of things that are not in the original march (additional offbeat quavers and whip effects). It has been rejected for this reason ...

    "... (we accept arrangements of out-of-copyright music but not verbatim transcriptions. An arrangement must consist of more than simply a change in instrumentation) .."

    That would mean that most of the music on the site would fall under this category for most music doodlers. Should I appeal or try and get it published? It a great wee march!
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    Why not self Publish?
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    Laziness! I thought Sibelius Music was close to self-publishing. Nigel Hall is going to take the march onboard. He's already familiar with it. I rate it alongside the great circus march transcriptions already available (... my opinion). It's a "twister" type circus march and there are not many in the banding repertoire.
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    Awesome, good stuff Tom!
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    Nigel has published my other march arrangement, Volitant. I have a largish portfolio now, but only my public domain stuff is on view at the Sibelius site ...

    I have worked hard to define (and refine) my style of writing and what I expect to hear in a performance. My arrangements tend to cater for the upper levels of bands and to provide something that listeners would recognise without too much effort. At the moment, a band in France are wanting to perform a couple of ditties, including Shiloh. Lol, my stuff is played more outside the UK than it is within!
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    If anyone wants to download & listen to my MIDI version (completed) of the Battle Of Shiloh march, you can do so here. 3.6 megs. It will become available on sale at sometime in the future.
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    They've done that to me with a Gabrieli piece. Since they put Sib 6.0.1 out the whole thing is going to flinders again!
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    It makes you wonder what they want ... a return to corny arrangements with little respect to the originals?
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    ... I knew Siebert's time would come ...
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    Mind you, there are still not too many bands who can make a decent job of The Accursed Huntsman!
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    - the same maybe for arrangers? Terrific scoring!
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    Hi Guys - I apologise I've a problem printing @ school and I have'nt time to read back through the 23 pages in case someone has had the same problem.

    Sib 5.

    I have a score that will print fine - but that parts wont' print at all, and in fact when I alter the page view to see a part the page is in the right format (barlines, rests etc) but no notes appear. . . The problem is the same on both MAC & PC. . .

    Help. . . . .

    Thanks. Garry.