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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by Goldie Horn, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I need urgent help with a problem I have at school. Our computers in our computer suite at school used to run Sibelius 5 with no problems whatsoever. Our computer was recently hit with a massive computer virus. All school computers were unusable for a matter of weeks and when everything was (supposedly) rectified we developed a problem with the Sibelius licenses. Masses of calls to our IT department have been unsuccessful and some of my pupils sit there for the entire lesson incredibly frustrated and unable to load the propgramme. IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE not to mention being slightly worrying with GCSE and A level deadlines looming...

    When Sibelius is launched from the start bar and from an existing Sibelius file a command box comes up on the screen saying 'Sibelius cannot run because the server already has a copy registered on this address.'


    Thank you!
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  3. Andrew Norman

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    If you call Sibelius they should be able to cancel the existing registered copies and allow you to re-install.
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