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    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of the brass arrangers or composers here can help me out on a problem i am having with sibelius 6.
    I have written out the part but when you go to 'print parts' or extract part sibelius 6 seems to be transposing it so the part about to be printed is not the same as what i have inputted on the score. Is thee an option somewhere to stop this transposition from happening when you want to print separate parts etc.
    hope someone can shed some light on this ?
    many thanks
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    I think what you have done is written your score believing it to be a score in C but, if you've used the brass band template, it automatically gives you a transposed score. Therefore, when you print the parts they will transpose again... what you should have done is click the icon on the upper icon bar that looks like a key sig of Bb (2 flats) so that it cancels the transposing score. Problem is now you'll have to input the parts again.

    Alternatively, if I am wrong that you used the transposing score on the full score and just want parts in C, click the same icon for each part and it will give you parts in C.

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    Are you just printing yourself a single part? The simplest solution would be tui torn transposed score off by clicking the key sign on the toolbar at the top. If you are doing this in future, check whether the score you are imputting is in concert pitch (all instruments have same key sign) or BB pitch Bb & Eb instruments have different key signs before you start inputting the notes. If it's a concert pitch score, make sure the keysign in the toolbar is off. If it's a transposing score, make sure it is on. It's a common mistake.

    I've just had to redo the bass part for a test piece we're working on because the tight-wad publishers squeezed a 4-page part onto one side of A3 and it's too small for my failing eyes to cope with. Even my young co-conspirator can't cope with it. Please remember, publishers, some of us are getting old and frail! :)
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  4. fsteers

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    Or you could export it as a MIDI (or MusicXML) file and reimport it.
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    Yes, click the transposing score icon to create a transposing part, then select all and transpose down major 2nd. The part should then print correctly for you.
  6. thejazzter

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    Yes you could but I suspect (in all due respect) someone who is not experienced with transposing score facilities is probably gonna be somewhat flumoxed by importing/ exporting midi parts etc...! :-?
  7. Tam O Shanter

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    This is exactly right. You don't need to reinput anything. Click to get the transposing score. Then go to the notes menu and select transpose and follow the instructions above. If you entered Eb horn parts as if they were C you will have more transposition to do for those lines and the same for Eb Basses etc. But you can do it all without having to re-input.
  8. thejazzter

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    I totally agree that you don't HAVE to re-input but for someone who hasn't used transposing score facility before, I think it is ambitious to get them to understand the 'transpose' facility without more detailed, step-by-step tutorials - good luck anyhow :clap:

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