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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tenorhorn_15, Nov 19, 2006.

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    I'm in the middle of 1 of my GCSE compositions and have just bought the sibelius student, but some of the instruments im using aren't on the programme. For my composition im using an Eb bass in treble clef but it only has it in bass clef and i'm also using an Eb Tenor horn but it only has horn in f. Does anyone know if there is a way of adding instruments onto the progranne or a way of changing the clef of the bass to treble clef.
    Thanks, Ruth
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    If you have a look under BAND not BRASS in the instrument set-up, you will find all BRASS BAND instruments there. Hope this helps.
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    Matt is right, unless they have further compromised functionality by reducing the number of instruments. Having said that, there is a treble clef Eb bass visible in the ALL instruments Brass list you should find both - on my copy Eb tenor horn is just tenor horn.

    Are you using the manuscript paper? It uses US practice for scoring. If you want a British Brass band manuscript paper then PM me.
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    When you change bass clef to treble clef for tuba you will have to remember to also ...

    (a) transpose the part up an octave and a maj. 6th (the key sig. should change automatically).
    (b) remember that the changed part is for a transposing instrument and will sound literally a maj. 14th higher.

    [I haven't tried to reconfigure the changes so that heard sound remains at the same pitch as the original concert tuba part though!)
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    What is the point of that Bob? It is much simpler for orchestration purposes to just use the built in instruments. You can swap between transposed and non transposed score by using the button on the toolbar.

    Just read the web page pointed to in the link - That is absolutely **** - who in their right mind would pay 100 squid for that useless copy - go for the educational version, which is different to the student copy in that it is fully functional.
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    Who's Bob? :confused:
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    Bob's yer uncle!

    :)oops: Sorry, senior moment! )
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    Thanks for all your help.:)

    I think i've made a big mistake by buying the student model, my teacher said it included all the instruments i used in my composition, but it doesn't. He said it would get me through my GCSE and A levels, unfortunately I don't think it will. Sibelius 4 looks fantastic but just too expensive.
    Ruth x
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    I have no idea if this will work in Sibelius (any version), but AFAIK in lesser/budget versions of Finale (ie. "Printmusic", Allegro", et al ... ) this problem could be solved by using a Bari. Sax (which has the same transposition as an Eb Bass) and changing the staff (part) name.

    Just a thought ...
  11. mikelyons

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    It is possible your teacher was thinking of the 'educational' version rather than the rubbishy (ie with all the useful bits taken out) student version. Sibelius have really ripped people off with the student version it is next to useless for any serious work. It would serve them right if you went on the net and got a cracked version - not that I'm encouraging that in any way, you understand.:oops:
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    - so it's your teacher's fault then? Ask for a refund or whether the school can upgrade it to the educational version (as Mike earlier suggested).