Should I switch to bass?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Missy_Gracie, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. nethers

    nethers Active Member

    At one point the only band that would have me put me on baritone as they already had 3 decent troms. Pretty soon I was so despondent with it I almost quit playing. Nothing against the barking iron per se, I just love the trombone.

    Luckily, very soon after a lot of other doors opened up and I am now who I am today. 'Team ethic' nearly pushed a player out of the game altogether.
  2. RossAB

    RossAB Member

    It is, but it's also something that should be there for us all to enjoy, so the priority should be what you enjoy playing, not necessarily what the band would like you to play.
  3. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    Banding is obviously a team "sport" so there always has to be a degree of flexibility (IMHO) between whats good for the band and best for the individual player. Since leaving Becontree back in 2007 I've been a bit of a low brass tart , with extended stints on EEb bass and baritone (and the occasional dabble on tenor trombone as well). I've been happy to do this as it's fitted in with the needs of the two good bands I've played with during that time , plus I've enjoyed playing the parts. Obviously those instruments are within my comfort range and I like to think I can get a decent sound out of them , whilst were I asked to play a tenor horn or higher I know the results would not be great - my debut with Ipswich band was actually on 2nd cornet at a park job and I can truthfully say that Richard Marshall can't play cornet the way I can !!!

    I'm very happy to be back on euph now (which is my "main" instrument and the one that I'm happiest playing) and would hope to stay on it again for a while - having said that , I'm not one for sitting in a seat if I know that there's someone else in the band that I know would be better , and having recently joined Thundersley band who are a good bunch and hopefully going places I'd be happy to move seats again (within reason) if it helped the band out.

    I can see where RossAB and others are coming from though - If I'm playing a part I'm enjoying then thats going to contribute to the overall band more so than if I'm playing a part I'm not. I love doing the flash stuff on euph , but also (luckily) get a buzz from being part of a good tuba / trom section or being exposed on 1st bari.
  4. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    It's give and take, innit? You need to enjoy what you're doing, and you need to be serving the band well in doing that. There's almost always a way of meeting in the middle somewhere if both player and band are willing to look at what the other needs.
  5. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    Tell it like it is wont ya !!

    (by the way, have you ever thought about joining the Samaritans?)

  6. iancwilx

    iancwilx Active Member

    Well I suppose being in the SA is pretty close!!

    ~ Mr Wilx
  7. Missy_Gracie

    Missy_Gracie Member

    Im sobbing into my pillow...
  8. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    try quoting it as it is, and Miss Gracie would have no need to sob into her pillow
  9. Missy_Gracie

    Missy_Gracie Member

    It's ok, it's eb ben who is actually sobbing into his pillow, tried a bbb bass at band last night, love it-though not so much as my horn, I've been sent home with a small eb to get used to needing more air, but that may be because im a lady, the chaps on bass didn't want to overburden me! Reckon it will add another string to my bow, in few months I may be able to play both. (just need to wangle my way into another masterclass with Richard Evans)
  10. Gazabone

    Gazabone Member

    Good luck to you, really hope you enjoy and you may well find Tuba a whole lot more to your liking.
  11. classicbrass

    classicbrass Member

    If I were you I'd stick with the BBb bass, learn a couple of marches and you could name your own price for Whit Friday!
  12. Missy_Gracie

    Missy_Gracie Member

    not sure I said anywhere I want to carry it! (tuesday night it took 2 blokes to manouver it into my mitts... but that may be more to do with Men's perceptions of what a lady can manage!) though that must have something to do with the lack of players... you have to be young fit and strong to walk with that beastie, let alone march!!
  13. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    No I dare'nt say a thing !
  14. classicbrass

    classicbrass Member

    Ah, but you don't have to play on the approach, and you could get your two aides to carry it for you,and then just have to hold it whilst playing on the stand. Thinking about it you could get them to carry a stool as well so you could sit whilst playing!

    I'm disappointed that you think 28 is no longer young, makes me feel positively ancient!
  15. Toxophile

    Toxophile Member

    I'm not going to get too grumpy, but why do people suggest that if they might not make the grade on a horn or cornet, they might have a better chance on BB? There seem to be quite a few bands peeps who see the BB as the refuge of the mediocre. OK we don't get much solo work and there is more than enough oompahing to do, but then you get gems like the start of the fugue in Essence of Time or the lovely pedals in Canterbury Chorale.

    Playing a BB is a physical challenge unlike any other instrument in the band and if you really want to try, come and march for a mile and a half through Silksworth, then through Durham and back and finish with another mile and a half through Silksworth in afternoon with our band for the Durham Miners Gala.

    Lithe one thing is, if you do decide to try BB, you will need to start learning to play all over again, there is the new technique of pedalling to master plus knowing when to drop the octave and more important when not to. If you tame the beast and can learn how to breathe through your backside then you could find it a rewarding experience, just don't think of it as an easy option!
  16. Missy_Gracie

    Missy_Gracie Member

    Can I just say to that I never suggested I wanted to switch to bass as an easy option! I'm married to a bass player! It's more that I play in anover full horn section, I know there are lots of horn players, very few bass players, and I was asking if a switch to bass at this point in my learning was a good idea for my own furtherance (note furtherance not easy option) and whether more people ought to be willing to maker the switch
  17. Missy_Gracie

    Missy_Gracie Member

    Oh and have silksworth reformed?
  18. Toxophile

    Toxophile Member

    Not an individual criticism I can assure you and I would love to see more people taking up the tuba. I have seen many bands where players migrated to BB as they progressed through the sections and never settling. It is a monster of an instrument and getting the quality and depth of sound from a wide bore Sovereign or Xeno needs a technique significantly different to even that of the Eflat bass. I have seen great EE players pick up a BB and blow a few notes, put it down and vow never to cross swords with one ever again.

    The one thing that is certain is if you stick To horn you might get to be a soloist, if you play E flat bass you could be a soloist, if you play BB, the word solo does not enter your vocabulary.
  19. Toxophile

    Toxophile Member

    No, Shepherd Group Band from York play for them.
  20. classicbrass

    classicbrass Member

    In your initial post you noted that you'd not been playing very long ( around a year ?).

    Everybody who plays Bass seems to suggest that you need plenty of air to blow one: I'd suggest that it may be a good development for your lung capacity and breath control which should in turn improve your horn playing (should you ever deci

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