Should Each Region have its own Venues for Whit Friday

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  1. 08cbinns

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    Should Each Region have its own Venues for Whit Friday?
    This question I have though to myself many of times and personally i think its quite good. Tell us what you think YES or NO
  2. a very flat b

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    Not sure what you mean...

    Do you mean a venue within the traditional villages?
  3. 08cbinns

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    For example the north west, they should stay with saddleworth. The Yorkshire region could have there own Whit Friday in the Yorkshire Dales. The Welsh region could have there Whit Friday round the small villages near Cardiff or North Wales.
  4. bassinthebathroom

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    Not much fun for the audience, who come to see bands from around the country, and even now the world! They might as well just go the areas...
  5. The Wherryman

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    We tried marching at the areas one year - fell off the stage.
  6. Hells Bones

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    In a word, no.

    Whit Friday is a big thing for tourism in Saddleworth.

    True, the amount of bands contesting these days at Whit Friday is astounding.

    Delph had 78 through last year, would have murdered 80 if someone in the audience hadn't collapsed half way down the street....
  7. The Wherryman

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    Why do you think it would be a good idea?
  8. Mesmerist

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    Don`t you think there is enough division already? If Bands want to trek up or down for the weekend why should they not be allowed to just because they happen to be based in a different region. Enough of the great North/South debate please we are all part of the same pastime.
  9. Hells Bones

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    This isn't North and South though. This is North West vs. Everyone!

    We would still win that fight ;)
  10. zak

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    What a stupid suggestion and I would love to know why you suggest this? :confused:

    These changes would not make it the famous whit friday which we all love etc etc(including non-banders). Why change something if it's not broke?

    I sometimes wonder reading some of the recent threads started by some people whether they are started just for the sake of it? I realize and respect everyones opinion but some of the recent threads started on here are just nonsense!!
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    Seriously I think it's lousy idea - it's the fact that bands come from all over to Saddleworth and Tameside that makes it special! Somebody described it as the bandsman's haj ( the pilgrimage that everyone should make before they die!)

    It's not that I don't like Easingwold but it's not the same!
  12. iancwilx

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    I agree, there does appear to be a preponderence of inane threads of late.
    I fear that most of them are the product of innocent but wholly ignorant youthful minds.
    Enthusiasm without experience; a dire stage of growing up - we've all been there - Bless !
    - Wilkie
  13. SteveT

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    Well, all I can say is that you don't understand what Whit Friday is about. The "whit walks" or walks of witness... that take place in the morning are what Whit Friday is really about! The band competition was only really started to keep bandsmen entertained while the various church communities from the local saddleworth villages were about the serious business of worship! Children dressed in white, etc etc!

    It is a shame that the bands from "visiting" areas don't respect this! The Saddleworth area is where it all started, but the Tameside area took on the mantle. Mainly due to the enthusiam that Tameside's head of local goverment (Roy Oldam) has for the brass band tradition.

    However, please remember that all this came from a religious traditon to start with and was onlt celebrated by local village bands.

    It has grown to become a major cultural occasion, where celebration of Whitsuntide has become secondary!

    All this talk of divison misses the point completely! HOWEVER! If as a bandman you have never experienced Whit Friday then I urge you to do so! Its a life experience!

    The point I am really trying to make is that this is a Saddleworth tradition and should be respected. It is not a field sport or an exuse to get sozzled!

    As a former resident of saddleworth and an MD of a saddleworth band.... as well as a regular saddleworth adjudicator... I would like to reassure the local population that some of us know what it's all about and have the utmost respect for the associated history and tradition!
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  14. i agree with you stephen!!! most people outside the saddleworth area dont realise how sore our feet are by the time we start the contests in the evening!! its a rather tiring march in the morning, and even more tiring when you are picked to play the hymns for the service in uppermill!! but i have to admit, i much prefer the morning to the evening on whit friday!!
  15. zak

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    Well said that man :tup
  16. Mephi

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    I'm afraid that the unfortunate 08cbinns may have to go and hide in a hole for a while after coming out with this ludicrous comment! What planet are you actually on? If I went on about everything that is wrong about this thread I'd still be typing next week!! I'm involved at Delph contest (from the day after Whit Friday until midnight of the next one) and also a top section player who takes part in the morning processions and then the contests in the evening (been doing this for 22 years now!). Perhaps you really do not have a grasp of the nature of Whit Friday? So, under your wonderful 'idea' - what would the Norwegian, Swiss, American bands do?
    It is a 'free for all', the beauty of this event is that all bands of all abilities, all nationalities, all ages and all sizes can rub shoulders in competition. Brighouse and Dyke, followed by Tartan brass, then Regent Brass, Delph, Stavanger, Rochdale Youth etc etc. You will never get line ups at contests like this anywhere else in the world. It is a fascinating, rich and sometimes baffling event and DOES NOT NEED MESSING WITH!!!!!

    I don't take pleasure in shooting people down in flames but I'm sorry - with this one the flame thrower is well charged and I've bought extra fuel!!
  17. horn1

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    I have to say I agree with you!! So many banders don't understand Whit Friday (not 'the whits' where did that come from???) If you want to understand it get yourself up to saddleworth/mossley for the morning as well. THAT is what it's really about. It still means something for most of the community even down to the new outfits! The contests are merely the icing on the cake, very good icing mind ;)
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    Aaahh....sense speaks <clouds open, choral music starts, sun shines through the clouds onto Shaun!>
    I too am sick of silly threads, girls with no opinion except that of their boyfriends and people with suggestions that, quite frankly, make me embarrased for them!!!!! (rant over):rolleyes:
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