Short tours, beer fests etc, Info sought!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Trumpet Major, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Trumpet Major

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    Hi Folks
    I'm looking for info on any small beerfests, short tours (3/4 days etc) that people know of that I could take a band to? Ideally, something short would help as there are problems with days off for the players.

    If anyone has any info then I would be really grateful
    Many Thanks
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    Hi Louise,

    I notice from you profile taht were in the SA.

    You are not Related to Colonel Snape who used to be stationed at Manchester Division in the 70's Are you?
  3. Trumpet Major

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    I most certainly am. Bill was my grandfather :) Nice to hear from you !
    I see you were at Nunhead you know the other side of my family, the dalziels?
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    We have the same issue with time off in our band! We're hoping to do a 3 day tour to Kent. Leaving Thursday evening, arriving Folkestone very late. Friday, Saturday, Sunday gigs return Sunday evening. One day off work required! Loads of hotels and bandstands in the area plus a good concert going audience. If you PM me I'd be more than willing to give you details of Hotels etc or generally try to help you out.
    Hope this helps
  5. P_S_Price

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    I Certainly Do, though whether Howard will remember be is another matter - He was a rubbish horn player initially when I was trying to teach him in the YP Band there.
  6. Trumpet Major

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    Fabulous stuff. Howard is now a married man with kids and a headteacher.Catherine is a Dr married to a Dr and in the Bahamas and Ray is still Ray!
  7. P_S_Price

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    (Ray - Railton?)

    Give my regards to them all nnext time you see them!