Shopping habits nowadays (in this financial climate I mean)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by scotchgirl, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. scotchgirl

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    So...with more and more shops offering discounts, money-off vouchers and 2 for 1 offers etc....have you altered how you're shopping this year...not necessarily Christmas?

    I often wonder about how companies can still make a profit by offering as much as they are doing just now, with many items half-price or with huge discounts on...and can only presume that in previous years, certain items have been overpriced.

    However, I still find myself looking at things like clothes for my kids, and thinking, 'oh, that's such a good buy, I'll get some'....when I may not have even have bothered had I not seen the offers advertised. What I mean is, I am not necessarily buying stuff because I 'need' to buy it, but because I think it is a good bargain. For example, with kids' clothes that are on offer/in a sale/in a shop with vouchers - I'll get basics in a larger size, knowing that they'll grow into them and that because they are basics, they don't need to follow a 'trend' as such....but would I have bought them if they hadn't been on offer? I don't know.

    Are shops guilty of overpricing goods, if they can sell them, at profit, at a greatly reduced price?

    So....what about everyone else?
  2. Hells Bones

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    I just go about it as normal.

    Tesco two stripe for most things is all I can afford atm.
  3. Di B

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    Most companies will want to move stock. Electrical items clothes make up and food all have a limited shelf life.

    Better to get rid with no profit than to make a loss on unwanted stock.

    Most shops will also only sell some items at a huge discount. This gets you in the door and maybe you will then look at full price items too!

    Old marketing tricks that have always been around but in the present climate its much more obvious.

    Think its great for the consumer IF you buy only what you need and dont get tricked into buying other things though!
  4. hicks

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    Haven't alterered my shopping habits one bit. Still avoid it whenever possible.
  5. StellaJohnson

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    i have cut down on my christmas shopping spend this year due to my redundancy, otherwise wouldn't make no difference to me.
  6. Flutey

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    I've been spending less, but that's because I'm saving for a trip to Siberia in the summer! My shopping habits have definitely changed, after going to Westfield in London today I don't think I can take any other shopping centre seriously!
  7. I seemed to have done most shoppi online this year and have noticed if you order with some people online they send you discounts to encourage you to buy online again. Being a marketing student I am only to aware of all the tricks they can use to entice you to buy.

    I went into town for the first time in a few months last week and it was amazing to watch people and how they shop. Try it if you ever get the chance - go and stand in the 'power aisle' in Tesco and watch people who probably only went in for a few wee things and end up buying a trolley load! Absolutely crazy how buying psychology works!
  8. emziesonic

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    keep buying = no money

    trust me i have zilch money :rolleyes: