Shock big-name departures at Grimethorpe

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by British Bandsman on TMP, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    The full saying is "Lang may yer lum reek wi' some ither hewers coal." and thats not a spelling error, "hewers" being ones who "hew". i.e. dig coal.

    It's an old miners blessing usually used at hogmanay. Or any other time there's a drink going.

    Quite appropriate in a thread about the worlds most famous pit bands methinks.

  2. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Just been on the Grimethorpe website and although they choose not to say anything official about the current spat between players and management, I found the following letter on their guest book.

    I think this may have slipped under their webmaster's radar. Bet it won't be there long ! I hazzard a guess they will have already removed several more like it.

  3. Humphrey

    Humphrey Member

    Problem solved then ;-)
  4. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Aye, this Anon bloke keeps cropping up everywhere. He's quite a famous composer as well, especially of early music and folk songs!;)
  5. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Notice it's been in pub 48 as well.
    Where all good decisions are made lads.;)
  6. Harlequin

    Harlequin New Member

    I'm a bit behind with this.
    My impression about Grimethorpe is that the players will never beat the trustees unless there is a unanimous vote to strike.
    The problem is that the players want to have their say but they're too reluctant to take the corrective action.
    Also it's a professional organisation with a quality brand being run by people with 'corner shop' mentality.
  7. Kinrao

    Kinrao Member

    Why would the band want to "beat" their trustees?

    One of the biggest impressions you get from this thread is the unity within the playing band, no comment has really been made about how that extends to the trustees so I can't form an opinion.

    Every band needs their on and off stage teams to be pulling in the same direction and it does strike me that whilst Grimethorpe on the stage are right up there with the very best, they lag behind the likes of Fodens, Dyke and Cory off it. One look at the content and presentation of the aforementioned websites demonstrate the point.

    If only the band had issued some statement after RW was interviewed on 4br then this thread would have disappeared 10 days ago. Saying nothing at all is almost as bad as saying the wrong thing.

    A bit of work required to improve the bands public face and I'm sure this negative press won't raise its head again.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
  8. DannyCollin

    DannyCollin Member

    Better to keep quiet and have people think you're an idiot than open your mouth and remove all reasonable doubt!

    I particularly like the quote on ya signature. sheeeesh, talk about contraditions !;)
  9. Kinrao

    Kinrao Member

    Given that we're talking about PR, what exactly is wrong with the statement I made?

    You can talk about contradictions, pity you can't spell it ;)
  10. Blossom

    Blossom Member

    I note this is your first post. Have you come online purely to stir things up once more by making derisible remarks about the trustees and suggesting the loyal players don't speak to the trustees ?

    I am sure the trustees of Grimethorpe are fully aware of the impact their action has made but does it not accur to anyone that even though they dispensed with the services of these players by not making a statement they may actually be doing their bit to protect the reputations of the players in question ?

    If the facts were know then perhaps we would find that these players were gods with feet of clay and a dark side ?

    Good Luck to Grimethorpe Colliery Band - I hear they are playing to sell out audiences and the atmosphere under James Gourlay is great - looking forward to seeing them on Sunday at Buxton Opera House.
  11. Kinrao

    Kinrao Member

    And in doing so damage their own reputation?
  12. bannisa

    bannisa Member

    A closer look at the guest book will reveal other posts from the public saying how delighted and inspired they were with the bands' recent concert performances.

    It's very easy to pick out one negative opinion but the fact is that we have performed 4 concerts in two weeks to near capacity audiences who have given us a great reception. There is certainly no evidence of the public "turning away in droves".

    It is a great honour to be a member of one of the greatest brass bands in the world and to have the opportunity to perform to appreciative and knowledgable audiences week in week out, the length and breadth of the country. Surely, this is what brass banding is all about - making music to the best of one's ability.

    Regardless of the playing members who are the sum of it's parts, the most important thing is the future of Grimethorpe Colliery Band. For what it's worth, I believe Roger Webster to be the greatest cornet player in the world and Ian Shires has been a close personal friend of mine for nearly 20 years since we were at college together and members of B&R (me on sop, him on rep). However, those two players are no longer with the band so although I consider them both friends, I will continue to play for the band and enjoy doing so. This in no way compromises my friendship with these chaps - in fact I spoke to Ian only a couple of days ago on a social basis.

    Rather than all the mud slinging that has gone on over the past hundreds of posts on this forum, perhaps those that are interested should await further player announcements from the band.

    Andrew Bannister
    Solo Cornet
    Grimethorpe Colliery Band:D
  13. euphantastic

    euphantastic New Member

    Well Said.

    I really hope you's get back to winning ways quickly.
    I have always enjoyed the bands performances, and know there will be many more to come.

    Just make sure that whatever happens in the future, is that the band comes first.
  14. Blossom

    Blossom Member

    Perhaps they think their reputations can withstand the battering they have taken on this thread.

    After all the most important reputation is the one of the band as a whole and not of individuals.
  15. DannyCollin

    DannyCollin Member

    typical of this thread. Petty in the extreme. And why so defensive?
  16. Dr Bob

    Dr Bob Member

    So the finest cornet player in the world is sacked alongside a close personal friend but you don't give a sh*t cos the band comes first....:D:D
    I'm bl**dy glad you're not my friend.;)
    Not long ago you'd put your life on your buddy..... either the retainers are too good or we're back with the vertebrate scenario....:eek:

    Shame on all.....
  17. ballyhorn

    ballyhorn Member

    I can understand what you are saying, but at the end of the day when you are in a top band there is nothing else but band...and the players in the band understand that they will still be mates,just not in the same band..its one of those no hard feelings see you at London jobs.. :)
  18. WoodenFlugel

    WoodenFlugel Moderator Staff Member

    We have made repeated attempts to control the mud-slinging and personal attacks in this thread, and they have been repeatedly ignored...

    ...after yet another reported post this morning we are temporary locking this thread while we decide what to do....
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