Shires Bass Trombone with Tru-bore valves for sale!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by BoomtownRath, May 26, 2017.

  1. BoomtownRath

    BoomtownRath Member

    Drogheda, Ireland
    Hi all,

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend who I play in a band with, who is not a member of this forum. I have myself played on the instrument, stand 100% behind the description and am merely doing this as a personal favour with no financial gain on my part!!

    Custom Shires Bass-trombone available for sale . Purchased new in January 2013 through a licensed Shires dealer Adams Musical Instruments in The Netherlands. Been professionally used in Brass band, jazz, bigband and orchestra.

    The trombone has an amazing colour of sound, rich and centered tone which is easily ready for use in various settings and is easily adaptable by switching leadpipe

    Has some minor cosmetic signs-of-use minor scratches and small dents on the tuning slide and some minor laquer wear on hand bracing but nothing out of the ordinary for a 4 year old instrument. Slide is perfectly true, works excellent as are the valves.

    The instrument was serviced anually by a Shires dealer.

    Being a ‘Modular Custom-Bass Trombone’ it can be adjusted because of the detachable bell and other parts.

    Specs of this Bass Trombone:

    - Yellowbrass Bell 9,5 inch type B1 – 2Y

    - Independant F, Gb and D Tru-bore valves.

    - B62 single bore yellow brass slide with nickel crook.

    - Yellow brass tuning slide.

    - 3 leadpipes: B1, B2, B3.

    - Serial number 4306.

    - Included is a Marcus Bonna-style official Shires case and a Douglas Yeo mouthpiece

    For the benefit of fellow users of this forum I will try do give an honest and accurate description as best I can on how it plays!!

    Comparing it to my Rath R9 set-up with Red brass bell, bronze slide, yellow brass tuning slide, inline Hagmann valves and a standard 9 leadpipe I was expecting Pieter's yellow brass shires to be brighter (for me!) but to my surprise it wasn't, it has a truly dark rich silk-like sound which takes as much air as you can put into it without the sound breaking up . The build quality is as good if not better than my Rath (sorry Mick!). As mentioned the instrument is 4 years old and is a 'beast' to play on, I can say no more!!!

    Photo's Attached!

    For questions you can send me a PM and I will send all correspondence on to Pieter or if you wish to mail him directly you can do so at

    The instrument is located in The Netherlands and can be shipped fully insured through a recognised carrier.

    Warmest regards


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  2. moogly81

    moogly81 New Member

    Did this get sold ?
    I’m in the market for this.
  3. BoomtownRath

    BoomtownRath Member

    Drogheda, Ireland
    Yes instrument sold! My apologies for the late response.
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