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    Somerset/Dorset border

    Edit: check latest posts for current vacancies

    We have tried the lonely hearts column but still have not filled the few vacancies we have in the Band.
    Sherborne is located on the Somerset/Dorset border and we need you. For info email
    Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Sherborne Town Band - what can we offer?

    Sherborne Town Band are a friendly Championship Section Band (1st Section Jan 2008 - dont ask!!!) based near Yeovil, Somerset. We have our own bandroom and rehearse on Mondays and Wednesday nights, 7.45 - 9.45. Then we go down the Pub!!!!!

    We have two great conductors, a pretty good team we think.
    Our resident is Stephen Rogers, the ex Flugel player of Brighouse & Rastrick, ex Sun Life Cornet, and also winner of the Roy Newsome Conducting award at Salford Uni.
    Our Pro is Paul Cosh who has conducted and had much success with some of of the finest bands in the UK.

    We are looking for two 'top notch' committed players to join our fantastic team as we look towards 2008 with great anticipation.

    We have a vacancy for a 2nd EUPH to sit along side our top man. He is rather good.......!

    We also need a SOP player. Our current one has decided he wants to play Bflat, dunno why? Not mad enough!!!!!!!!!!!

    So if you've got what it takes, want to turn up to a band with good attendance at rehearsals, and perhaps win a few things next year, why not give us a ring or email us.

    Stephen Rogers MD
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    just to add a little bit to the advert. we are also looking for a couple of strong Cornet players for our front row. One of our guys is going back to Uni (wants a PHD!!! - Brainy) and the other one is a teacher and has sadly had to leave the vband due to work commitments.

    If you are interested, please contact me on the details in the original ad.

    cheers Banders
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    Sherborne Town Band are a friendly crowd based in Sherborne, near Yeovil.

    We have our own bandroom and rehearse monday and fridays nights, 7.45 - 9.45.

    We are looking for a Soprano cornet and a solo Cornet player to complete our ranks ready for 2008.

    The band is very committed to its future and have good attendance at rehearsals.

    So if you want to play with a strong band and take your playing to the next level, give me a ring on the following number.

    07989 501110

    Resident MD
    Steve Rogers - Ex Brighouse Flug.

    Pro MD
    Paul Cosh

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