Sheffield - Is this a tmp Social ?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by tubafran, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. tubafran

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    If a group of tmpers meet together for a night out does this become an official tmp event? Is there an agreed format to the evening, is there a minimum number of people required and do we have to have an extended period of notice before the event?

    Anyway here goes:

    The Date: Saturday 27th March 2004
    The Place: Walkabout Bar, Sheffield
    The Time: 7.00 pm
    Whats Happening?: England v France on big screen and definately a curry later (pythagoras and curry is a sight to behold)
    Who's going? :
    Confirmed tmp members are timbloke, yorkshire pudding, i'm not a manc, pythagoras, tara, sunnyjimbob and me plus non tmpers real andy and real kate and maybe geordiecolin (even if he's still not drinking)

    Anybody else care to come along - no apologies please just confirmations.
  2. sunny_jimbob

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    Tell me where the Walkabout is, and I'll be there. Though I'll have to be restrained as I'll need to trundle off home.
  3. tubafran

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  4. sunny_jimbob

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    Splendid. I'll see you there. And I've got Daniel's mible number for when sorry if I can't find it...!
  5. tubafran

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    Not a tMP Social then

    Apologies to those people organising the Huddersfield Social. Not wishing to tread on anybodies toes but posted this thread and didn't see yours was already on going. Spotted that the Birmingham social had got moved on though.