Sheffield Community Playday 2010

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    Sheffield Community Playday and Flute Day 2010

    The Yorkshire Wind Orchestra are pleased to announce the Sheffield Community Playday and Flute Day 2010, to be held at Birkdale School, Sheffield on Saturday 23rd October 2010, between 9:30am and 5pm.

    The Playday will give participants experience playing in a large wind orchestra under the expert direction of our musical director, Keiron Anderson, through a number of sessions covering different band repertoire.

    There will also be a separate flute-only ensemble, giving flautists an opportunity to play together and try alto and bass flutes.

    Whatever your age and musical background, if you are of Grade 5 standard or higher you are welcome to sign up and take part. Players from the Sheffield area are encouraged to join us in this community day. Simply fill in our registration form and we will send you further information.
    Grassroots Grants

    We are grateful to the first ever Sheffield Telegraph Community Cash Giveaway in association with the South Yorkshire Community Foundation, funded by the Grassroots Grants Sheffield programme, for contributing towards the Playday.
    Please see the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra Website for more details and to sign up.
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    Sheffield Community Playday and Flute Day 2010
    Birkdale School, Endcliffe Crescent, Sheffield
    Sheffield Community Playday 2010

    Saturday 23rd October 2010, 9:30am-5pm

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