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    :clap: Introducing the Mode for....Music Club! :clap:

    Are you looking for new music at great rates to liven up your library and entertain your musicians and audiences? Then why not subscribe to the Mode for....Music Club and receive fantastic reductions on sheet music for your band or organisation.
    For just £150 you could receive 10 fabulous pieces of music for your Brass Band.

    Here’s how it works:
    · Sign up to the Mode for....Music Club by registering and paying the discounted purchase price of £150 for 10 pieces.
    · You will receive two pieces initially and then a new piece of music each week thereafter.
    · Try the piece out with the band and if you like it keep it and if that piece is not for your simply return it.
    · Keep trying out the new pieces until you have collected a bespoke library of 10 pieces of music.
    · Once you have collected all 10 pieces, why not sign up again for more music at the discounted rate!

    Terms & Conditions
    · Mode for....will send Music Club members a new set of music each week on sale or return basis.
    · The choice of music will be at the discretion of Mode for.... but will incorporate a wide range of titles.
    · If returning music it must be returned in clean, unmarked condition within 21 days of receipt otherwise music will be considered to be chosen as part of your bespoke library.
    · Individual pieces of music retail between £20 and £28 per set, meaning fantastic discounts for Mode for...Music Club members.
    · There is no limit to the amount of times you can sign-up to the Mode for....Music Club.
    · Payments must be made in full at the commencement of the agreement by Cheque, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Further payment arrangements can be made on request.

    Do you also have a concert band - The Music Club is also available for cocnert bands.
    Why not check out these great special offers here:
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    Bands that have signed up are loving the selection of music available from the Mode for...Music Club!
    What's more, now you can take your pick and pretty much select any piece from our website to make up your ten pieces (terms and conditions apply).
    Why not sign up to day - it 's quick and easy if you log on to:
    Start enjoying the music with your band!