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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by englishgill, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. englishgill

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    A friend has decided to buy their 7 yr old son a drum kit for Christmas. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to find some drum-along type music which would be appropriate for him to try rather than just aimless bashing?
    Any ideas welcome as I'm due to spend Christmas day at their house!!!!!:eek:
  2. tubafran

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    I'm sure I've had a catalogue through from one of the bigger brass band music pubishers with all sorts of CD backing music to play along to - think it was De Haske (perhaps Philip Sparke can advise).
  3. iaindrum

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    Unlike other instruments there is a limited selection of good play along books for drums, I would reccomend the dave hassell books which cover all styles of drumming, the songs are a bit cheesey but they are great books. You could also try the rockschool books which cover most popular music styles. there is also playalong books and cds to play along with the likes of razorlight, muse, the police etc but I think a 7 year old make find these a tricky, give me a call on 01423 817700 as I have these books in stock or could reccomend something else
  4. englishgill

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    Thanks guys - had a look at de Haske and they seem to have some good options.

    Fingers crossed that we can hide the drumsticks after a little while!

    Have a great Christmas yourselves

  5. theres a great book called tommy igoe"s groove essentials, i teach from this a lot it hasa 6 hours worth of playalong tracks on mp3, it has the dots to accompany them, but there are some really basic playalong tracks on there covering every style imaginable some i still cant play after 22 years playing! the trinity guildhall drumkit book 1 has some nice playalong tracks too...... as previously mentioned dave hassles books are great but perhaps not for a beginner.... another route is to get rhythm magazine as there is always some usefull trascriptions and playalong tracks in there...... hope this helps
  6. englishgill

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    Thanks Matt - I'll pass these ideas onto the foolish parents, I'm sure they'll be grateful!
  7. Guildhall one is a good one and Progressive Drum Grooves.
  8. daveredhead

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    you could take your horn along and scare the living daylights out of him, you sure scare me when in full flow :eek: He he
  9. gateway

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    Playing along to his favourite pop tunes on an mp3 or CD player, will help him get a feel for the Kit and enjoy playing our yougest still does this with his electronic kit
  10. weenie

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    Progressive Drum Grooves by Craig Lauritsen I certainly recommend and as someone else on here mentioned, the Rock School series of books are great to play along to, but make sure you start with the 'Debut' edition of Rock School. Happy Christmas and best of luck!!
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  11. englishgill

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    Thanks to all for the suggestions - I think I'll just take my earplugs and hope for the best!

    Have a great Christmas everyone.
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    Wii music teaches you how to play and you get to practice!
  15. becca3478

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    When my brother started shedbuilding, he used the 'rock school' books - apparenty their good 2 play and as a person who couldn't help but hear him everytime he plays, they're alright 2 listen 2 2!

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