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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Di, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Di

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    We're looking at the possibility of getting Adam a "portable" drum kit, ie flat drums ready mounted on a frame. Adam plays with a fourth section band and always takes his own kit to gigs. He also goes to rock school once a week and would like to take his own kit with him, but lumping his big kit, complete with bags, up and down stairs for a gig is enough of a pain in the ... rear end without doing it weekly also for rock band. We're currently looking at the Traps A400 as a possiblity. He has a decent set of Sabiens, so we're just looking at the drums themselves. Does anyone have any experience with portable kits, how easy are they to set up, will they produce a good enough quality of sound for his band? Do you know any alternatives within a similar price range?

  2. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

  3. Di

    Di Active Member

    The latter! Sorry, I forgot to mention he has a Roland TD6 for his home entertainment. :cool: Although it doesn't pack very easily and he uses it with headphones. :biggrin: Oooh the piece and quiet!
  4. MRSH

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    Yamaha make a 'portable' kit although it isn't frame mounted. See it HERE and I also don't know how much it is. Looks quite nifty though ;)
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    Wow, does that all fold away into the bass drum? It does look a bit nifty, although looks like quite a bit of setting up still involved. He's rather got his heart set on the flat on frame though.
  6. drummergurl

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    have you tried arbiter flats?

    theyre not mounted on a frame, but the tom toms attatch to cymbal stands. it all folds up into 2 bags (one of drums, one of stands) and makes a pretty decent sound! not mounted on a frame though, n takes a little bit of setting up, doesnt take too long though. however there is one thing i wouldnt use from the flats, and thats the snare drum, its not a fantastic snare drum, and you cant turn the snares off, but the rest of it is pretty good.
  7. Di

    Di Active Member

    Yea, trying to avoid a lot of that setting up. The A400 says it has a really "crisp" snare, an effect adam has been trying to get on his current one.
  8. fartycat

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    There is a good review of the Traps kit here:

    I haven't yet played one but from that, it sounds like it is one step up from the Arbiter Flats. I've used Arbiter Flats before and didn't like the tuning mechanism (a single screw) as it doesn't give an even sound or as much flexibility as the usual system. I also found the kit to be a bit wobbly - looking at the traps kit, it is on a frame so that should solve that.

    The Yamaha Hipgig kits are very very nice but also a bit more expensive (£1100 ish). The bass drum in particular, because it is raised off the floor, is very loud :)

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