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    Sharon Stansfield “Satchmo Shaz” spoke to tMP. “We’re drawn 15, so not drinking (yet)” . Sharon is playing for the Riddings Band who are competing in the Senior Trophy. Sharon feels that Essence of Time is an excellent choice that will test the bands, with some great cornet sections. Preparations have been going well with extra rehearsals and sectionals. Sharon commented that the band are looking forward to the national finals and the spirits are high! Sharon hopes that the performance goes well and that she can then go and celebrate in the bar!

    Sharon, who also conducts The Long Eaton band in the 3rd section, said she was delighted that the band has qualified for the nationals. The band also held a centenary concert last night and have released a new CD. The future is looking bright for Sharon and her bands!
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    oh well thats banding...............
    we still had a good time!
    hope Riddings do better at the Nationals;)
    The concert that Long Eaton did on Friday night was brill tho so I was on a high anyway!
    I think Will the sec enjoyed his self!
    I gave him a copy of our new Cd and he listened to the Premiere of his march that he wrote for us!
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    Don't forget mine Shaz...;)
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    oooh I wont!! please PM me your address and I promise I'll send you a copy!:)