Shaun Hudson is new MD at Haydock

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  1. Haydock Band

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    The Haydock Band is pleased to announce that they have secured the services of Shaun Hudson as their musical director. Shaun brings with him a wealth of experience, having played solo euphonium for bands such as Polypipe Rossington and Yorkshire Imps, and has more recently spent six years as second euphonium at Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Band.

    The band is also pleased that Helen Geoghegan and Katie Hopkins have joined the band, both on euphonium. Helen has decided to return to Haydock on solo euphonium after a brief spell playing baritone with The Fairey Band, and Katie has further strengthened the euphonium and baritone section, joining on second euphonium from the Rainford Band.

    The band is looking forward to this new chapter in its history, and is now looking for percussionists and cornet players, particularly a suitable principal cornet player to complete its line up.

    Everyone at Haydock Band would like to thank Ed Kennedy for all the hard work he’s done at Haydock over the past twelve months, and wish him well with his final exams in the summer and for the future back in Australia.

    Any interested cornet or percussion players should contact band manager Mark Quinn in confidence, by emailing
  2. Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith Member

    congratulations Shaun :tup

    and to Haydock - you've got a passionate,knowledgeable musician at the helm.
  3. HorniKaz

    HorniKaz Supporting Member

    :clap: Congratulations to Haydock gaining the services of Shaun (or Zak!!) & getting Helen back. Hope you have a happy time together. Even though he is a Yorkshireman!!!!!!! :tongue:
  4. alibaba

    alibaba Member

    Congrats to Shaun.

    Your gonna have to learn to cut the expletives out now though matey!

    Out of interest what are you gonna use as a baton?
    A bottle of white lightning perhaps?!:biggrin:

    Waste of an ace Euph player though.....
    I still remember the super F challenge at Polypipe ( bearing in mind you had been in Australia for 6 weeks ).

    which was.. to pick up the instrument cold with no warmup and belt out the super F out at fff, which you did and held for about 20 secs, you tw*t!.

    Good luck to Haydock..
  5. helen_euph

    helen_euph Member

    He's still amused by the top F thing Simon!!!! I can get one now as well though :clap: ( but obviously not as good as Shaun who is the master of top Fs !!)

    Cheers! Helen

    PS - he has a real baton!
  6. zak

    zak Member

    Thanks for all the kind supportive words folks :tup

    Sandy... the cheque is in the post mate

    Simon... white lightning bottles belong in the fridge!! The super f warm up excercise isn't something I teach my pupils by the way!!! :oops:

    Although conducting is a relatively new prospect for me I am much looking forward to this new exciting period with the band and am relishing the challenge of taking the band forward in the coming months.

    As far as playing goes I have no intentions of stopping playing as I play every day with my teaching so I'm always in practice!! I'm just gonna do any freelance work which may arise in the future.

    Cheers :biggrin:
  7. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Wishing you all the best for this new venture, Shaun!
  8. Ste69

    Ste69 Member

    All the best Shaun - Can't believe you've left the Fatherland of West Yorkshire!!!!!!

    (Mind you, I can't really talk) :oops:
  9. JR

    JR Member

    Good luck Shaun!
    When might we see you on the contest platform?

  10. Anonymous_user

    Anonymous_user New Member

    Best of Luck !
  11. tubamaest

    tubamaest Member

    I Just hope the Laurel and Hardy Gear comes out for your first gig!I knew those shiny shoes wudn't go to waste.
    All the best matey.

  12. ian schofield

    ian schofield New Member


    Shaun Hudson “the conductor” Oh my word!!!

    Hope you don’t have anyone with sensitive ears in Haydock!

    Good Luck Shaun
  13. chiephonium

    chiephonium Member

    all the best shaun... hope everything goes well!

    see you around...

  14. helen_euph

    helen_euph Member

    Don't worry - we're all tough ;)

    Some of the band can't understand what he says sometimes though when he speaks to us in Yorkshire!!! lol :biggrin:

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