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    Hi there

    I have an issue in that ever since I started playing, I have always been sharp. I am fortunate enough to have been able to borrow a horn from the bands I've played with in the past and have nearly always played on a besson sovereign - I feel quite comfortable with this instrument.

    I have a besson sovereign from the band I currently play with, however, the tuning slide on it is much shorter than any I've had before. I need the length of the tuning slide to counteract the fact that I always play sharp and am looking for suggestions as to where to buy a new a new (long!) tuning slide for a besson sovereign horn that is perhaps 15 - 20 years old.

    I am mindful of other suggestions (i.e. try a new mouthpiece - which I've already done) but am really just looking where to find a new slide for now.

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    The girl who sits next to me in band has exactly the same problem. Like I told her, you might want to try Phil Parkers at 106a Crawford Street, LONDON, W1H 2HZ.
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    Wow, that's weird. A guy who sits next to me in band told me that too? They only have the new models.. Which apparently don't fit.
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    Oh. I thought they could do, or at least get done, custom alterations and repairs.

    That is weird about the guy who sits next to you.
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    a good instrument tech should be able to help ( Manufacture a new slide or make an extension )
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    The slide legs on my main tuning slide on my trumpet were too small, so I ended up getting some new ones made. This may be an idea.

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    I asked Will at willspencer for you below his his reponse.

    "Getting hold of B & H stock can prove difficult though, so he may be better off contacting the guys at London Musical Instruments."
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    Re T/horn tuning slide

    Hi , the Sovereign TH you have from band , with the short main slide is actually one of the original Richard Smith designed ones ( Richard was the sovereign designer long before he started designing Trumpets with Derek Watkins ).
    That particular model is the best ever made by far. Preferred by many top players including Gordon Higginbottom who had the choice of both and always said it was no contest.

    Obviously, mouthpieces can affect tuning, and a Wick 2 suits perfectly.

    That pairing should satisfy most horn players. My advice is, if poss, stick with it.
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    I'd love to take this option and just stick with it. I play on a DW3 and am unsure about switching mouthpiece this close to the areas. I recently tried a heritage mouthpiece but found that somewhat uncomfortable.

    I think for me, even when I've played newer sovereigns, the main tuning slide has been nearly all the way out and at the moment, I just don't have enough piping! I'm going to have to have someone extend it by the looks of things. Thanks for everyone's help.
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    It must be something you are doing though. Although Sov's are always a bit sharp the slide normally only needs an inch or so. An Alliance mouthpiece might help, a little, as I could push my slide almost right in when I changed to one.
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    One final suggestion to your problem, may or may not work in your case, but worth considering: A small shank in the M/piece receiver could do the trick.
    However, if you really feel that an extended slide is your answer, Keep your original !! at all costs.

    Having been involved in instrument making, I am aware that a thickening or reduction in thickness, of the pipe can seriously affect the intonation, due to the nodal pattern being changed. This could arise by insertion of 'extra' tubing. Maybe worth writing to Dr. Richard Smith ( Smith Watkins Trumpets ) for advice. He is a very helpful man, and immensely knowledgeable about all things acoustic.
    Good luck.