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  1. roncarr

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    Anyone know where I can find Share my Yoke for cornet/trumpet and piano or organ?
    I've searched on the internet even for vocal/piano and cannot find it. I have searched the salvation army music publishers and found nothing.
    I can find plenty of recordings but no sheet music.
  2. Baton twirler

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  3. Par10

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    Hi Ron

    I have it, PM me with your personal e-mail address.
  4. The Wherryman

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    FWIW, this raised an interesting (to me, anyway) point. I followed the link, out of curiosity, and clicking on a title simply caused the tune to play in Quicktime player, with no option of saving the file. I use Firefox as my default browser and, yes, I have got the Scorch plug-in installed.

    When I tried the same procedure using IE, clicking a title produced a dialogue box, giving me the option of opening or saving the file. No problem there, then.

    Back to Firefox, I explored the menus and options and eventually found that, with the file playing in Quicktime player, clicking File>Save Page As... gave me the option of saving the midi file to my HD.

    That might have been very obvious to all you technophiles out there, but not to a numpty like me, so I thought I would share it with any other numpties, who, like me, didn't want to ask ;)
  5. GJG

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    Not wanting to be a wet blanket here, and I'm really not sure of my ground, but I'd be surprised if there weren't at least one copyright infringement somewhere in that process ...
  6. PeterBale

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    I'm pretty cetain that would fall foul of copyright rules, unless you want to post him an original. The Salvation Army would hold the copyright, and although it is out of print it should be possible to obtain a legal copy. The company who deal with it is Copycare (Tel 01303 840942) but you may find they need to know the date of publication, which I don't have to hand at the moment.

    Edit: Published in the July 1987 issue.
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  7. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    You could well be correct, as it appears that the facility has, or perhaps, should have been withdrawn, if my search result is correct (see )unless, of course, the issue referred to is between the SA and Darren Paige, on whose own site the midi files are provided by the link given by Baton Twirler. It might be presumed that providing the midi files in such a manner, without locking them or providing any payment method, contact details or copyright notice, is inviting downloading.

    However, my interest was in the technicality of performing the operation, rather than in obtaining a file :)
  8. The Wherryman

    The Wherryman Active Member

    Sorry to be such a geek, but I've also found this which is a cached page from the SA site on 10 December 2009 which indicates that permission must be sought from both the SA and Darren Paige. Hmmm...
  9. Brian Bowen

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    The version for Cornet and Brass Band is available from World of Brass ( and for Cornet and Wind Band from R. Smith & Co (
  10. E flat fred

    E flat fred Member

    currently published by The Salvation Army music Dept. Journal Series
  11. roncarr

    roncarr New Member

    I have found it now. It is in the Judd Street Collection.It is not listed seperately on the SA website. Many thanks for your replies.
  12. Par10

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    Hi Peter

    Just to put your mind at rest, I do have an original copy, I have also known Ron Carr for over 25 years and we live about 6 - 8 miles apart.

    I do not need my copy at this time so it made sense to me to let Ron have use of it.

    I hope that explains everything?
  13. Baton twirler

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    For future reference the way to save a midi file is to right click on the file and then scroll down with the mouse to "Save target as" then save to your hard drive or music folder etc.
    This can then be opened with most music programmes.
    Not trying to infringe copyright laws, just wanted to help a member out.
  14. Robhibberd29

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    Out of interest does anyone know how this piece came into being published? Does it have a story to it? I've heard one tale but I have my doubts as to it's authenticity ;-)
  15. Di B

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    Me too :-D
  16. sbandsman

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    Think you will find it is an adaptation of one of Joy Webbs vocal pieces. I'm sure that Brian can supply other Info? Mr Bowen can you help here.........?

    some of the words are:
    Music and lyrics by Joy Webb
    Arranged for brass band by Ivor Bosanko

    When I'm tired and nothing's going right for me;
    When things I've counted on just do not come my way;
    When in my mind the thick grey folds of doubt arise,
    It's then I seem to hear him say:

    Share my yoke and find that I am joined with you.
    Your slightest movement I shall feel and be there too!
    Share my yoke and come the way that I must go!
    In our "togetherness" my peace you'll know;
    The world beholding us will see it so!
  17. Anglo Music Press

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    It is, of course, possible (and in this case, probable) to do both things at the same time....
  18. Brian Bowen

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    I doubt there's a story concerning its publication. My guess is that Ivor Bosanko thought the song (music and lyric by Joy Webb) would make a good slow melody solo - and did just that. The original song was published by the SA; so, too, the cornet solo with brass band accompaniment. Simple, really.

    I think I know how it has become very popular with non-SA bands. When Black Dyke (under James Watson) appeared at Carnegie Hall, New York, back in the 1990s, guest soloist Philip Smith (NY Philharmonic and a former Salvationist) chose to perform Bosanko's solo with the band. Black Dyke returned to the UK with the music and it took off from there.
  19. sbandsman

    sbandsman Member

    Thanks Brian
  20. The follow-up cornet solo to Joy Webb's "Share My Yoke" was recorded by Kirsty Abbotts on her solo CD "Soliloquy"...

    A New Dimension

    By Joy Webb

    Arranged especially for Kirsty Abbotts’ solo CD by Stephen Hague, this gem of a piece comes from the salvation army composer Joy Webb (composer of the well known cornet solo “Share My Yoke”). A New Dimension incorporates the same simplicity, lush harmonies and a gorgeous tune as was done in “Share My Yoke”. A perfect addition to any bands library and soloists repertoire.


    Full score & parts: £16.95
    Direct Link -

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