Several players available for Whit Friday!

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by T Bone Funky, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. T Bone Funky

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    Myself and several friends are available to dep for Whit Friday! We were originally planned to be going as part of a scratch band made up of mainly our Oompah Band, but having failed to find enough players to make up the 25 required for a full band, we've had to cancel those plans until possibly next year. We're all currently playing in the 1st section with our respective brass band, but wouldn't mind playing with any band in any section. These are the instruments available:

    Tenor Trombone
    Eb Bass or Baritone
    Bb Cornet x 2
    Tenor Horn

    Not expecting to find a band that needs all of the above of course (though that would be ideal!), but if anyone's interested in any one of the above, or a combination of some of the above, then let me know!
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  2. kierendinno

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    The University of Nottingham Brass Band require a solo trombone and an Eb bass if any of your group are interested in playing with us!

    Leaving Nottingham at 2pm. Email me on if you're interested!
  3. rgdunning

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    We would all of you to come along and play with Goodshaw band inth 4th section. We're doing Saddleworth contests with free beer onth coach ;-).... we do however need more cornets??
    Let me know what ya think?
  4. Chillybflat

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    HI, Farnworth & Walkden Band could do with some help in the bass section please, may also be able to accommodate cornet, and you would all be welcome on the street march. 3rd section, but have been podium placed in our last 3 me on 07906 96 4453
  5. BluBug77

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    Hi, I'm sure you've all managed to find somewhere now however if not I know that Dobcross Silver have spaces for all that you've mentioned above, if you are interested you can contact Andy on 07907635397
  6. T Bone Funky

    T Bone Funky New Member

    Thanks all for your replies! We've found ourselves a band now and are all set to go for Whit!

    Thank you very much for your interest!