Set of Courtois Tubas Available

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BOB, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. BOB

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    I am selling a set of tubas on behalf of a championship
    section band in the Midlands. There are two BBb (model 182) and two EEb (model 181) Courtois basses in silver plate. The instruments were bought as a set in 2003, and are being replaced as part of the band's updating policy. The instruments will be offered individually on Ebay after Xmas - so this is an opportunity to invest the proceeds of your Xmas concerts on a bulk purchase at a reasonable price!

    In the current economic climate, this must be an excellent opportunity for a band to update their instruments - especially with currency exchange rates as they are.

    Anyone interested should PM me in the first place to arrange a viewing or to obtain further information. Instruments will be sold with cases.
  2. MRSH

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    How reasonable?
  3. BOB

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    Hi MRSH,

    For obvious reasons I am reluctant to discuss prices on an open forum. This is a genuine opportunity for a UK band to get a set of good quality instruments at a fair price. If they go on Ebay we expect a lot of interest from European buyers who have an exchange rate advantage.
  4. zak

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    Sorry but I see no obvious reasons? You have something for sale, then the normal thing to do is to tell potential buyers the price you have in mind. Why all the cloak and dagger stuff??? :confused:

    Not a dig at you btw and I hope you get the price you want for them!!

  5. BOB

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    Zak - you will see from my first post that the next step will be to advertise on ebay. In this case it is tactically better not have made a public indication of your "reserve price"

    There's nothing underhand going on !!!
  6. zak

    zak Member

    I'm not saying for one moment that there is anything underhand going on honest. I just think that if someone has something for sale then state a price in your advert. Presumably that's why you are advertising on this PUBLIC forum, to reach a wider audience?

    Regarding E-Bay, I presume you will not be starting the items at 99p and you will start at either your minimum price to sell or your reserve so personally I cant see why all the secrecy??? Not as if it's a big secret is it once they are on E-Bay. people will know a rough guide to the sale price once a bid is made, either reserve met or not.

    I am not having a dig at you honestly but get a little bemused at people who use this open forum site to attract a large audience and then state they will not disclose a price publicy!!!

    Cheers and have a very merry Xmas!!!! :tup
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  7. brassbandmaestro

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    I woiuld've thought it would be a good chance for this kind of advertisement to give tmp's people a chance to assses and evaluate beforehand and put in a reasonable offer.
  8. Lyndon Price

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    just one question

  9. steve butler

    steve butler Active Member

    OK, attack is the best form of defense. I guess that if they are dumping the 5 year old instruments, they have not exactly been successfull...... So I guess we are looking at a grand an instrument, any advance? :D

    PS I would'nt give that much for one.
  10. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    I'de have to agrree with Steve Butler, how good are they if your selling at 5 years old
    My Besson 982 is around 17 Years old and In excellent condition allround, ( it was recently given an overhaul But didn't need Much to Bring it up to scratch ) was in exellant playing condition before over haul. Why sell at only 5 years old, They are barely worn in yet.
  11. Bones

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    I think the 1st post says it all, the band's upgrade policy means the tubas are being replaced, knowing this Band they do refresh their instruments regularly to ensure they have up to date assets. If you are interested why not send Bob a PM he will answer it. If not, I fail to see why all the potential controversial comments. I think Bob has explained his rationale for not publishing a price, I would do the same if I was in this position.

    Anyway, I am sure they will appear on ebay soon and you can view them there.
  12. flugelgal

    flugelgal Active Member

    Just a small point, you're aiming your post at UK bands, but this is an International forum. For example, I am living in Ireland, and therefore have the exchange rate advantage that you're talking about!

    Good luck with the sale, doubt my band is interested, sorry to go off topic, just wanted to point that out.
  13. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    No, I dont think that you were going off topic. It's perfect sense that the original post was aimed at the UK market, not anyother country was invovled. The band in question, if I am right, had a rather heavy,(no pun intended ther btw), committment towards Courtois.
  14. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Bob any replies to PM's yet? Nothing in my in box
  15. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    He's probably going to put them staright on ebay now!
  16. BOB

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    The new tubas are on their way. I've been down to the band room tonight and prepared the descriptions on the BBb's, will be doing the EEb's this week, together with photos. Thanks for all the queries and selling advice from TMP members. Instruments will start to go on Ebay from next weekend, so there's time to grab a bargain for the set of four.

    Just to answer a couple of responses to date:-

    1) suspicion over the need to change after a comparatively short time - no complaints about the instruments - probably would have bought another set if still available - we simply have a replacement program in place and its the basses turn. We have a policy of frequent repacement to ensure a good residual value, and to give customers instruments with plenty of life left - see my Ebay feedback.

    2) no price indication - with no sponsorship, and competing at championship level, obviously we want to realise the best possible return - however if it helps, I would predict some change out of £8k for the four.

    Please PM me with any serious enquiries. I will contact those who have expressed an interest to date


  17. Phil Green

    Phil Green Supporting Member


    Could you please post the ebay listing - have been trying to find it but can't.

  18. gcm

    gcm New Member


    Do you still have any Eb Tuba's left? If you could contact me as soon as poss on i can give you my contact number and perhaps speak as I'm interested in the Eb

    Thanks and regards
  19. David Adcock

    David Adcock New Member

    Hi Geoff

    Any tubas left. I think we are near .

  20. Hi Bob, how much for one of the Bbs? I am very interested.