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  1. carlwoodman

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    I am looking for recommendations for reliable suppliers of service kits for the full range of valved brass band instruments.

    I've recently serviced my father-in-law's Sovereign 955 baritone and my son's Sovereign 921 cornet but I'm having difficulty in obtaining service kits for a few Sovereign 950 tenor horns that are next on my list.

    I'd prefer to buy a complete kit (guides, springs, felts etc.) rather than buy each item individually.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
  2. julian

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    Hi Carl.
    Give Dan a call at Brass-Fix U.K. 07774 932475 He does all this stuff and is really helpful. He advertises a full service kit for Besson Sov horns on Ebay for £15.95. (type in Besson under musical instruments and you'll find plenty that he has listed.) I know from past experience that if it's not exactly what you want he will customise kits for you. I'm pretty sure that he has all the kit in stock so it always arrives quickly. Also, when I've ordered from him before there's usually a little discount card for next time!
    Kind regards,
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  3. Iain

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    Have you tried Dawkes Music
    Tel 01628 630800
    I get most of my parts for servicing instruments from them

  4. carlwoodman

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    Yes I have but I've had mixed service from them.

    They don't appear to be great at returning phone calls when the (only) person that can deal with your query is busy.

    A cornet service kit which appeared 'out of stock' on its website seemed to be in plentiful supply when I spoke to them.

    More recently, I called up about a tenor horn service kit which was 'out of stock' in its website. I was told to check in 2-3 days but after 2 weeks, it's still showing 'out of stock'.
  5. carlwoodman

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    Thank you, I will.
  6. Jack E

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    I've also found Dan at Brass-Fix very helpful, and with very prompt despatch, too.