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    Recently I went with my family to the National Gallery in London, and saw Stubb's life-size portrait of the rearing racehorse Whistlejacket. An amazing picture.

    Anyway, back at work I was discussing the picture with a colleague, who said that Stubbs had painted galloping horses really accurately even though photography hadn't been invented when he was alive. He went on to say that a chap called Muybridge had done the first stop-motion photographs of animals in motion, and then said that Philip Glass had written some music inspired by the life of Muybridge.

    So I ended up listening to some Philip Glass that I'd not have heard if I hadn't mentioned the portrait of Whistlejacket.

    Anyone else got to hear unfamiliar music because of a chance meeting or series of events?
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    - here is a link to the painting described above.
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    That's a painting?!!


    I remember seeing or reading something a while ago about someone who did illustrations for some very old vetinery books that were written, and those drawings were supposed to have been done from memory.

    Some people have amazing talents!!!