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  1. I just wondered if anyone else noticed, or knows the reason why there was no one on the doors stopping people entering the hall to listen to the Trophy whilst bands were playing?

    Having listened to a couple of bands in the section I was quite shocked to find people just wandering in during performances, wandering out to nip to the loo and coming back in again. There were some people during one performance strolled in laiden with shopping bags, walked round the back of the seating area to the other side of the hall, carriers rustling and not being very quiet.

    Now, I'm sure the people who attended are all interested in brass bands and have been to contests before, so i would have thought been aware of contest "etiquette".

    Did anyone else notice this or am i just being picky? Did any of the performing bands notice this?
  2. barrytone

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    We were sat listening to the Grand Shield and they had an entrance and and a seperate exit. The lady on the entrance was asking people to use the exit at the back of the hall instead of trying to get out through the entrance. Some people just ignored her and went out the entrance, some answered her back and then went out of the entrance. In frustration she fetched another steward who happened to be larger than her and male, strange after when he took over the door, no one answered him back or ignored his requests. Such a shame that people seem unable to act with respect towards others.

    People coming in during a performance simply isn't acceptable but if they showed the same lack of respect towards the stewards, not surprised they got in.
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    senior trophy

    chaning the subject I played in the senior trophy and there where twenty bands in the section what about having a pre-draw from 1-10 and 11-20 so that at the back end of the contest bands are not hanging around
  4. andylockett86

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    absolutely bob on! the contest should be pre drawn with out doubt
  5. Tracey

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    I noticed when playing on stage in senior trophy that about 3/4 way through the piece people were walking in and sitting down at the back.
    Very distracting!!
  6. Di

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    Going back to the Grand Shield, yes there was a lady on the door stopping people entering during the performance, but that didn't seem to stop hall staff and others going OUT during the performance. A door was heard banging several times throughout the day.
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    Not only that - the hall staff had got an idea of the timings of the piece, and towards the end of the day (didn't notice it for Flowers as we were backstage but certainly for 16-18 they were opening the outside doors to the 'vestibule' just before the ppp<pp>ppp's of the Tempo Giusto and even though the inner doors were closed you could suddenly clearly hear the chattering crowds from the back of the stage.
  8. ScreamingSop

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    Also, the backstage planning was a bit rubbish to say the least. We were told to meet at the door at about 2.30pm, to play at about 3.30. We were waiting around to get in the dressing room for over an hour and a half, and then when we got to the dressing room, were rushed out straight away to register.
    Having no chance at all to get instruments warm etc... while some bands that were on after us, were already in the changing rooms.
    Whats that all about!??!
  9. IanHeard

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    I wonder if 4barsrest will report on this poor organisation?.....of course they won`t, it`s not run by the BFBB.
    (apologies for answering my own question! :) )

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