Senior Cup results

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  1. Deano

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    1. Ransome, Russell Gray, 1
    2. Pennine Brass, Ian Porthouse, 19
    3. BT, Mike Fowles, 17
    4. Ashton Under Lyne, Philip Chalk, 5
    5. BTM, David Hirst, 20
    6. Laganvale, Ernie Ruddock, 13
    7. Newtongrange, Alan Morrison, 14
    8. Wingates, Roy Curran, 6
    9. Bournemouth Concert, David Hayward, 12
    10. United Co-op Crewe, Jef Sparkes, 15
    11. Burry Port Town, David Evans, 2
    12. Bo'ness and Carriden, David James, 18
    13. Freckleton, Paul Dalton, 8
    14. Dalmellington, Richard Evans, 16
    15. Wooley Pritchard Sovereign Brass, Trevor Jones, 9
    16. Drighlington, Phil Shaw, 3
    17. Haydock, Lynda Nicholson, 4
    18. Ratby Co-operative, David Maplestone, 7
    19. Thoresby Colliery, John Hudson, 11
    20. Kingdom Brass, Alan Duguid, 10

    Best soloist: Cornet - Ransome

    Courtesy of 4BarsRest:
  2. IcklePablo

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    I've got nothing to say. But, well done to the qualifiers.
  3. drummergurl

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    yeah well done to all who qualified. well done BT!
  4. Euph-Bari

    Euph-Bari Active Member

    yeah well done you qualifiers :)
  5. Andy Moore

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  6. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    yeah i think that it was a shock result and that we should have come in the miggle of the results to be fair on wot 4bars rest has said
  7. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Well done Crat and Pennine
  8. ploughboy

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    Well done Ransome's and Pennine, I'm sure you'll both do very well in the Sheild next year! Well done everyone else too!!
  9. Keppler

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    Good result Laganvale - :tup
  10. neiltwist

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    edited away
  11. 4thvalve

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    I have been told there was fine playing from many bands in this section and no disrespect to 4brs ( or Haydock or any other agreived band) but as they are 'open adjudicating' I think they make assumptions on how a band will perform accoding to there perseption of the bands quality and therfore I would not take much notice from their comments. for example if YBS played and made a few clips they would say it was shocker and then Crappletown Silver then played with the same ammount of errors etc then they would say it was a 'good effort' or words to that effect.

    All that said as normal I didnt listen any performacne (appart from the one i was involved with) and lets face it, its a lottery and it's only a hobby so who cares!!

    I am sure the hangovers will feel the same win or lose.

    For those who didnt make ther always next year -shit happens
  12. bruceg

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    Well done BT and Nitten! Hard luck Kingdom - just not your day :(

  13. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welldone to Ransomes..... played great! Welldone to all the pennine *edit*!

    Noticed a few tmp'ers around yesterday... lol, drummer gurl - you were outside as we were all leaving, tres tres drunk, hugging cones and stuff :oops: :roll: :lol: You looked at us pretty much like this...... :? .... lol, sorry!!!!!!!!!

    Welldone everyone anyway
  14. CRat63

    CRat63 Member

    Indeed - my sentiments exactly Helen.


    Cheers Andy for your compliments - and particular thanks should be made known to the percussionist from the Bo'ness and Carriden who helped us out.

    Orange Forever! C'Mon!!!!!

  15. deave

    deave Member

    Well done Pennine!! Am sure you were great....special well done to Bovril Lavinge on 3rd man....mwahahaaaa.

    Cross Lane is a happy place to be this morn

  16. Andy Moore

    Andy Moore Member

    . . . not again sarah. :wink:
  17. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Suddenly it all comes flooding back to me Deave! :shock: :lol:

    "I never wanna say goodbye.... cos I never wanna see you cry...." :lol:

    Went to look for the website of Bo'ness to say thank-you to their percussionist, but there is no guestbook :!: so ummm... from all us orange monsters.... THANK YOU!!!! :D
  18. Sellers_Bird

    Sellers_Bird Active Member

    Well done to the Pennine Masssiiiiiv for a well earned result! Unfortunately my mouth is still on flamin fire from last night, and I have Westlife songs in my head :? But well done anyhow see you in the Open in 2005!! wooooo hooooooooo
  19. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Well done to all the bands who played - It was a real pleasure to play BBb with Pennine again yesterday, really enjoyed it and well chuffed to have got the 2nd place. :D

    Special mention goes to PB's Solo EEb (Adam Harris) for a virtuosic Tuba Solo, superb! :lol:

    I didn't hear any of the other bands play at all to be honest (late draw for you eh!), but I've heard many good comments about the standard of playing generally with J.I. Freedom. 8)

    Good luck next year everyone!
  20. Heather

    Heather Member

    Good contest yesterday.
    We were well pleased with our 10th place and hopefully, it was deserved!!!