Senior Cup: 2013

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  1. Senior Cup:
    Test Piece: Capriccio Italien Op 45 (Tchaikovsky arr. Derek M Broadbent)

    My band has just got this piece out tonight to have a run through and the general consensus that it is
    a load of rubbish.
    There are really no features or solos in it.
    The only real testing aspect of it is the key sigbature.
    6 sharpes for Eb instruments.
    Overall it really is a big disappointment.
    And the price of the piece is ridiculous it cost £70.
    My advice is save your money.
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  2. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy Member

    Never played this arrangement but have played the orchestral original a few times and it's brill.

    It's certainly not a fast/slow/fast typical test piece.

    There's loads of great music in it though.
  3. i cannot disagree the orchestral version is superb but the brass band version is not a patch on it.
    Once you try it you can make up your own mind
  4. Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy Member

    That's a pity if that's really the case rather than just first impressions. I hope it grows on you. My band aren't in the Senior Cup so I won't have the pleasure this year.

  5. I agree because the actual original is superb.
    I will just have to wait and see

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