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    As a band it can be tough to reach a wider market than concert audiences and family to sell CDs to and there are not many outlets to sell brass band CDs. Also many organisations do not have facility to take on-line payments.
    To try and help bands and ensembles, Mode for.... is offering any band or group the opportunity to sell their CDs through its new website at
    The process is simple: You choose your pricing point and postage costs - we upload all the information on our website and as it is an e-commerce website we can take payments for you - send you all the information of purchasers everytime an order comes in so you can send them the CD direct and Mode for... will send you any earnings each month.
    For further terms and information e-mail us at
  2. KMJ Recordings

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    Sounds like a good plan....I'll start spreading the word....

    Good luck with it :D
  3. Mode For....

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    Thanks Keith
  4. Bayerd

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    Do you take a percentage cut?
  5. Mode For....

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    A standard retail percentage of 33% is taken to cover costs, yes. The concept is to offer bands an outlet in which to sell, which from experience of selling my band's own CDs, is not readily available to many bands.
  6. Bayerd

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    That's fine, I'd be more puzzled if you didn't!

    I'll speak to the committee......
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    I'm a bit puzzled by the web site.

    Are those CD titles listed or sheet music?

    For example "76 Trombones", is this a CD or just a track? Even at £28 it is far too expensive for a complete CD!

    What are on the other tracks? Who recorded it? Can I hear track samples? Can I download individual tracks?

    Sorry, it sounds like a good idea but needs a bit more explanation....unless I am missing something....

  8. KMJ Recordings

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    I think you are....AFAIK they distribute music as well as starting to offer CDs (as well as other stuff)....

    The CD page is here , and you get to it following the CDs, Media and publications link on the RHS of the page ;)
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    Ah! the CD line is not so obvious from the Home page, but now I have found it. Thanks KMJ.

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    I am lucky enough to know a propreitor of a cd shop(aka record shop), who doen't mind selling my band's cds(which reminds me , I must go down there!!!)