Selling our 'contest' shark car!

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    It is with sadness that Hitchin Band's Bb Bass player is selling his Shark car. It has become somewhat of our mascot/good luck symbol after we convinced Rob to bid on this after we won the National Finals and moved up to 2nd section. We then went on to win the 2nd section too.... coincidence? I think not. Here is what Rob says:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]In a moment of madness / mid-life crisis, I bought this last year. You know how it is; I was looking for an estate on ebay, and this came up not far from where I live, I had a good laugh, saved it on my watch list and thought no more of it ...................................... until I got a prompt to say the item was ending soon! Now in my defence, I wasn't drunk, just euphoric, as we (the mighty Hitchin Band) had just become 3rd Section National Champions at the Brass Band finals at Cheltenham Race course. So there we were, having a celebratory drink, I showed this to a few people and I don't really know what came over me; increased the bid at that point by £10 thinking that with 3 hours to go, I'd be outbid and that would be the end of it. OH DEAR!!! How wrong was I? I told my son (who also plays in the band) not to say anything to his mother when we got home; I'd have to pick my moment! Help to soften the impact came from a good friend (who's son also plays in the band) offering to go halves, as he, like me obviously saw the great potential of owning such a vehicle! We synchronised watches, told our respective wives (didn't go down well!!!!) and a week later, went and picked her up and came home grinning from ear to ear.


    We have had a great time with the car and you become quite famous and sometimes trend on twitter when people catch sight of it on the m1 or in a car park. But its time for it to go (says his wife...).

    Bidding ends tonight - please let it go to a good home!