Selling Antoine Courtois Baritone - but advice please

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by BaritoneBliss, Jul 6, 2009.

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    I guess I'm posting this for a bit of advice about selling my Baritone so thought I'd post it here.

    I'm looking to sell my Antoine Courtois Baritone which has been sadly underused recently (well since I got married 2 years ago) and I've decided that with a baby on the way it is time for me to make room in the house and stop holding on to it for memories sake.

    It is in excellent condition although understandably the valves are pretty stiff nowadays as they haven't been used for a while - can anyone recommend a way of getting these working nicely again before I put it up for sale?

    I've also lost track of how much second hand instruments sell for so if anyone has any suggestions for a reasonable price that I could ask for it could you please let me know. I'd put it on ebay but before I do that I really need an idea of a realistic reserve to put on it??

    Thank you!