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    The closing date for entries to the first Sellers International Youth Band Solo and Ensemble Contest is this Monday (12th).

    The event will take place on Sunday 18th March at the Ukrainian Club on Edgerton Road (the A629), Huddersfield, between 1030am and 5pm and the band is very much hoping that young musicians from across Yorkshire and even further afield will come and take part.

    The contest will fall into a number of age group categories for solo brass instrumentalists(including a beginners class) and will see entrants deliver their performances of their chosen slow melody pieces. There will also be a Percussion and Ensemble class. There will be trophies for winners of each of the sections and each participant will recieve a certificate and helpful comments on their performance. There will also be two special overall awards for the the Most Outstanding Performer of the Day and the Most Promising Performer of the Day.

    Sellers International Youth Band is delighted that Tuba Virtuoso, Ben Thomson, currently BBC Radio 2 Young Brass Musician, has agreed to be the adjudicator for the day and will also deliver a short concert before the results are announced. During his performance, Ben will give the young musicians invaluable tips on how he prepares for important events.

    There's still time to get your entries in, but you need to hurry so for more details and/or an entry form please contact the band's secretary, Paul Smith on 01484 301359, email or Musical Director, Mark Bousie on 07971 527039, email
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    Am i too old? :(
  3. Mark Bousie

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    Yes, Aimee, I'm afraid you are, sorry! The upper age limit is 19.

    Hope you're well.

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    darn, even if i'd noticed this earlier... never mind. can i come watch??
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    Any results?
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    Sellers Youth Contest Results

    The first Sellers International Youth Band Solo and Ensemble Contest was held at the Ukrainian Club, Huddersfield, on Sunday 18th March. With a very encouraging 30 entries and a packed audience to support the young musicians, the event was deemed a resounding success. BBC Radio 2 Young Brass Musician of the Year, Tuba Virtuoso, Ben Thomson, adjudicated and also performed a short concert prior to the results.

    Its hoped that the contest will be held again at a similar time next year.

    The results:

    Brass Solo-Beginners:
    1. Molly Acheson (Cornet)

    Brass Solo-12 years and under:
    1. Jonathon Bates (Tenor Horn)
    2. Jamie Smith (Cornet)
    3. Tom Haigh (Cornet)

    Brass Solo- 15 years and under:
    1. Ben Hirons (Cornet)
    2. Jonathon Bates (Tenor Horn)
    3. Tom Haigh (Cornet)

    Brass Solo-19 years and under:
    1. Chris Mansfield (Trombone)
    2. Ben Hirons (Cornet)
    3. Robert Palmer (Cornet)

    Percussion (Open)
    1. George Pidgeon (Drum Kit)
    2. Matthew Asher (Xylophone)
    3. Harriet Brennan (Vibraphone)

    Ensemble (Open)
    1. Robert Palmer (Cornet), Tom Slywkanycz (Cornet), William Renwick (Trombone), Chris Palmer (Euphonium)
    2. Jonathon Smith (Euphonium) and Siobhan Jordan (Cornet)
    3. Jamie Smith (Cornet) and Hannah Wynn (Euphonium)

    Most Promising Musician of the Day
    1. Jonathon Bates
    2. George Pidgeon

    Most Outstanding Musician of the Day
    1. Chris Mansfield
    2. Ben Hirons
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    Next year, can you make it a week or so after the North East area? (Or after all the areas) as I'd have brought a minibus load down with me as I had who would have loved to take part but it was the day of my area and some of them were playing in their own bands too. Just a suggestion for future competitions.

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