Sellers International Youth Band Slow Melody - Results

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    11 and under
    1. Bethany Moore (Sellers Youth)
    2. Ben Jarvis
    3. Lucy Edwards (Sellers Youth)

    14 and under
    1. Georgina Moulsdale (Formby Brass Band)
    2. Bethany Moore (Sellers Youth Band)
    3. Lucy Edwards (Sellers Youth Band)

    16 and under
    1. Jamie Smith (Sellers Youth Band)
    2. Mike Cavanagh (Dobcross Silver)
    3. Rory Rolfe (Co-operative Band Crewe)

    1. Steve Cavanagh (Dobcross Silver)
    2. Jamie Smith (Sellers Band)
    3. Rory Rolfe (Co-operative Band Crewe)

    Winner of the Pennine Brass 'Judges Choice' Award: Bethany Moore (Sellers Youth)

    Adjudicator Sandy Smith
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