Sellers announce new repiano cornet

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    The vacancy that the band had for the repiano seat, and was advertised on the mouthpiece has now been taken by Amanda Brader. She has rejoined the band from Carlton Main where she played both repiano and more recently was playing flugal for them. The band are pleased that she has decided to take up the position and would like to officially welcome her to Sellers. She is another welcome addition to the band and will bring with her a wealth of Championship banding experience.

    Amanda started playing the cornet with the Ireland Colliery Band 20 years ago and has also played for both Fodens and Black Dyke in the past. Amanda is yet another member of the Sellers International Band who was taught by Phillip McCann whilst she was at Huddersfield University between the years of 1995 and 1998. She played for Sellers for a while during this time.
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    Congratulations to Amanda, this is excellent news indeed both for Sellers International Band and for tMP. great to read feedback such as this Alan regarding positions filled as a direct result of advertising the vacancy on tMP.

    Good luck to you in your bid for glory this year.

    John & all the tMP team

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