Sell YOUR music in Australia/NZ

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    Our sheet music company Emusic Online ( is running very nicely now! Our site is one of the smartest around and we don't do business quite like anyone else. We have just over one hundred pieces to market right now, with more going up soon.

    We're looking for individual composers and arrangers AND publishers who do not currently have a distributor downunder to work with. We will professionally present your music online and take care of all of the marketing and selling, passing on a very competetive percentage of the revenue to you.

    The big difference is that we will PRINT the music for you. Most bands down here buying music have to order either from Britiain (incurring long waits, high postage, customs duty and making it very difficult to try a piece out) or through an agent (who takes care of the hassle, for a markup ;)). As we print our own music, bands pay MUCH less, get it almost immediately and everyone still makes a healthy profit. Of course, you as a composer/publisher have one less job and expense to worry about. It's no hassle to send a score for a band to have a look at either.

    If you're interested in helping us build our catalogue, please PM me!

    We'll be doing the rounds of the competitions and music festivals down here in the coming months, so now's the time to jump on board.