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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by DMBabe, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    Hello you bunch of helpful types!

    Am seeking advice from those of you who know such things.

    My band has been talking since forever about going to a contest in the North of England for a wee change cos as we're in the south of Scotland it would be just as easy as going up north, and would allow us to play against new bands and meet new people (we're a sociable bunch!). No disrespect to our peers but we're getting a bit hacked off with playing in the same contests in the same halls against the same bands.

    They do say a change is as good as a holiday!:redface:

    Wondered if anyone could recommend any contests (of any type) that would suit a 3rd section band and would let us come without demanding we bring our passports!:wink:

    Thanks y'all!:D
  2. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale contest (you've just missed it - was last weekend)
    Easingwold (end of June, once again too late for this year)
    DLI Entertainments contest (July) & Grading Contest (November)
    Northumberland BBA contest (seems to change date/format every year!)

    If you drop a section, there's also the Middleton Teesdale contest in July.

    Ironically, we are doing the Scottish Borders entertainments contest on November 3rd so see you at the border!

    I'm sure that Durham Brass guy will be on a moment to say more about brass in the North.
  3. Alan Fernie

    Alan Fernie Member

    Hi Di - long night on the ward. eh!?

    Borders contest would be new territory for the band - Innerleithen 3/11/07. It'd be good to see you all there!
  4. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Depending how far down you want to come what about Malton Entertainment Contest - see for contacts etc. It's a Yorkshire and Humberside contest. 20 min program, nice hall, nice stage, good local Yorkshire pubs, it's split into sections so you'd end up in class B - 3rd/4th Section bands.
  5. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    I thoroughly recommend Hardraw Scar entertainment contest, lovely location, nice day out, inpromptu massed concert at the end. In the grounds of the Green Dragon Inn (so good beer and food also).

    Not sure who you'd contact but here's a start-
  6. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Again Hardraw is through yhbba. although this years entry is full already! But yep, a cracking day out, when the weathers good.!!
  7. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    Where did the post from the Durham guy go? :( Entries for the DLI contest are closed now.
  8. brassyboy

    brassyboy Member

    You may well ask?

    I am that Man and a keen supporter of BRASS which bowled me over as such a positive event for us in the brass band world.

    My message was deleted because I mentioned visiting Durham during BRASS!

    Considering BRASS is doing so much to promote brass bands supporting brass bands and bringing brass playing to the public attention it seems Music Man for one is keen to delete my posts. I don't understand it When Whit Friday (great events by the way) has a sticky thread and loads of updates yet if I mention BRASS as I did in this post it tends to get deleted.

    Surely mentioning that it would be posible to do the DLI Contest and see the YBS, Streets of Brass and Mnozil over the same weekend is only being helpful? I thought so!

    It is easy to see that Brass is a costly festival it will not make a profit and it is there only to support brass bands to raise their profile, develop new audiences and inspire people to take up or keep playing brass. (As expressed by the organiser in the Bandsman) Brass is funding and running workshops for young people, it supports the Miners Gala, funds the two competitions that take place in it with £1,000 each, it is paying to provide a free concert by the Fairey Band and subsidising the YBS Concert. Brass is bringing acts like Mnozil and Brazz Brothers to the UK to help inspire young people to see another side to brass playing and to give our bands people something to enjoy. It is supporting local bands via its support for the local band concerts via districts. It is providing support to help older and young people in rural areas get to the concerts. so why not give it all the support we can?

    Brass is also placing traditional brass band playing along side international acts from other music forms to help it play into the tourism economic/ agenda and in doing so helps traditional bands become more attractive to regional funders as they are on the tourism agenda.

    Yet my posts on mouthpiece about anything that relates to BRASS are often deleted and posting updates to a thread is seen as bumping!

    A sticky thread for BRASS like the one fot Whit Friday would make it much better.

    With regards my advice to this thread was I felt sound and even if the competition was closed it would have still been a good trip for the band and their families so why am I prohibited from mentioning it????

    It would be interesting if there was some rational behind this or some consistancy of approach Whit Friday OK yet BRASS/ Miners Gala not?

    My recent posts on a report from the Trumpet Guild Conference of a Mnozil concert was also deleted yet if you were thinking of coming to Mnozil that might have been helpful in deciding if it was for you or not. Now you can't see it.

    Oh well at the end of the day I am pleased there is MouthPiece as I am pleased there is BRASS.
    just don't understand why Brass an event that actively supports and invests in Brass Banding is not actively supported by MouthPiece as Whit Friday or major competitions are.

    I expect I may now be banned from MouthPiece and this post will be deleted along with my others but I do hope not. I like the Mouthpiece and I like its members. I enjoy reading the articles and the conversations and I support anything that helps keep brass bands going and fosters communication between players. I was bowled over when I discoverd the BRASS festival and want to share it with you all so you can enjoy it too and why not!

    Earlier in this thread it mentioned that the number of the bands in the North East is less now than a few years ago surely Brass is trying to stop that trend and that is not a bad thing. Yes it is different but hey what is wrong with that if it brings brass playing into view for more people. It is still supporting traditional bands and competitions.

    I am sorry to have gone on but I have been bitting my tonge for some time now every time a post is deleted.

    All the best thanks for the interesting discussions and stories, I hope we will have many more in the future.
  9. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    I know it's going off topic, but the answer to your question is quite simple - every post in this forum with any meerest relation to banding in the North East has a post promoting your events on it. As most of my posts are about NE banding, I know! There's plenty of scope for promoting your events, even special forums for it, but I guess hijacking this post was a bridge too far.

    There would already have been three major events for brass bands in July regardless of there being a 'brass' or not - the Miner's gala, the DLI contest and the Teesdale contest. Fair do's about the one or two extra concerts, but there's a hell of a lot of stuff going on which has nothing to do with brass bands at all.

    As for the whits, no-one has posted "I'm looking for possible contest opportunities in the Manchester area" and had endless replies of "Well you could do the Whit Fridays, there's contests all over the place and there's a special free concert ...." The Whits as a subject is talked about at great length because it is the biggest single brass band event of the year (~180 bands) and has a huge tradition spanning 3 centuries.

    In any case, you are preaching to the converted posting endlessly on this site; bandsmen already know about what is going on in July in Durham. You seem to have considerable time, energy and dare I say budget; perhaps your efforts would be better used passing on the message to those that don't?
  10. brassyboy

    brassyboy Member

    Yep point taken BigCol but I have add a couple of points

    1) I am aware of the value of Whit Friday and in mentioning it I only suggest that the same approach could be adopted on Mouthpiece for events like BRASS and also the Miners Gala. I am an ex-Durham guy and still want to support it and the Brass playing. this is not an either or type thing the Whit Marches are important to me and if they had not been mentioned I expect I would have done so I am a strong supporter of this great event and love it.

    In fact I would like to see the Whit Friday given higher status in the Country as a whole not just in the brass band world it is one of Britain's best kept secrets. I think we do tend to do that, only see things as relivant to ourselves at times.

    2) I believe The Teeside Brass Contest and the DLI Contest are both sponsored by BRASS.

    3) I fail to see how informing someone that if they are looking to make a trip to a contest in the North East they should consider the DLI Contest as then they can also catch the YBS, Mnozil and Streets of Brass, the international Street market is Hijacking? I thought it was using my knowledge to be helpful! Had you connected all these things up?

    Maybe I should I have made a point of not mentioning it at all but I would have like to have been told if I was looking for a contest to go to.

    4) Surely seeing high quality brass playing of any form is a good thing maybe it is not pure brass band music but it does draw a new audience in and they will see the major role brass bands play in the event. Bands like the Brazz Brothers and Mnozil provide good cross over points.
    I care about the loss of bands through the lack of young players and I don't think keeping our selves to ourselves will help solve this issue.

    5) I should point out I do not post endlessly on this site, I am sure you have made more posts than me since I have been a member. I do however enjoy reading the posts of others and responding if it seems relivant. I expect most of my posts like yours relate to the North East and because I found BRASS and have followed its development I mention it in my posts as it is what I know about.

    I am a member of other sites related to my other activities but BRASS crops up on here more often because it is about brass bands and brass playing and the BRASS Festival also interests me.
    We all talk about things that interest us or that we have knowledge about as a matter of course and sometimes too much especialy if we are enthusiastic about it but I am enthusiastic.

    6) I am pleased you know about what is going on in Durham in July that is great. If it helps attract a new audience to brass banding or raises its profile with young people surely that is a good thing even if we have to break down some barriers in the process.

    Other than that I am sorry if you feel you have been bombarded as that is not my intention. I did not think this was the case but when you are enthused about something sometimes you don't realise how much you are talking about it, I am sure that has happened with you at times we all do it. This is especially so when you think it is relivent. Maybe it is just how you look at it, I see it as informing and letting people know about something I think is great and they will enjoy if they know about it, you see it as plugging.

    Brass is only two weeks away and I am going to go to it, from what you say I won't see you there! Maybe at 2008 Whit Friday.

    All the Best
  11. bigcol

    bigcol Member

    2) The contests would have taken part this year regardless
    3) Can the poster enter the DLI contest this year?

    Best leave it at that - this is now very off topic.
  12. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Firstly, can I say I am responding off my own back, without reference to the rest of the team:

    I, for one, am not "keen to delete" anyone's posts. What I am keen to do, however, is to ensure that posts are kept in the relevant area. This is why several posts have been (a) moved to the correct area, (b) merged into existing threads, (c) deleted if is duplicating what has already been posted elsewhere.

    The rules on "bumping" threads are clearly stated, and apply equally to everyone here. An update providing more relevant information is normally seen as acceptable, but constant, repetitive posts in my view amount to spam, and can be nothing but counter-productive. As to the question of a "sticky", I believe that the only Whit thread that was "stuck" was the one specifically relating to the tMP band's invlvement, which obviously needed to be easily accessible to all.

    . . . and no doubt you are also pleased that you are able to advertise "Brass" and its related activities for free! I can assure you that we do support the aims of Brass, but there is such a thing as over-kill. I am sure that if you have something relevant to post, and post it in the correct thread at the appropriate time, then there will be no need for any intervention by the tMP team.
  13. brassyboy

    brassyboy Member

    Thank you Peter

    I did feel that in many cases the posts are relivant for example the one in this thread that was deleated. Just because it mentions brass does not mean it is not relevent, it was relevent in this case.

    I am grateful when you merge my post to an existing thread as I don't want to swamp the forum either.

    Any way I am not advertising brass that is what the Festival are doing via what ever channels they chose. Maybe I am promoting the opportunities for us all to make the most of it for our own enjoyment but I do that as an individual.

    I do this in the way that other people support their local band or village fayre just because they think it is a good idea. I believe this event is a good idea and is needed if we are to build support within new areas of the public that would not consider going to a band contest, it is a great showcase for brass bands we should use it.

    My veiws are my own and not that of BRASS (they have no say over me nor ask me to mention them) and I respect yours are your own too. Your comments make full sense but I feel I had not broken the rules and where I have by mistake I have not been bothered by any action taken.

    To me it is all a mater of how you read things and I just ask that rather than jump as I feel happened in as in this case (and in a few others) and deleat a post you consider if it is relevent to the thread. If so leave it there. That's all!

    I am over being disapointed that the post was removed and disapointed that DMbabe has lost the opportunity to know about the DLI contest and the events that surround it. After all that's why I posted it so it might help them have a good trip to the North.

    I take on board your points and I hope you understand mine. I will leave it at that we have both made I feel, valid points and I don't want this to go on for ever so will not post back here, you can always PM me if need be.

    All the Best to you and the Mods who I feel in all honesty do a great job, I just feel that the above point about this post and some of the others needs considering thanks.

  14. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    Yes it was! Doesn't help that today I thought I was off and got a phonecall to drag my bod in! they say no rest for the wicked so I must have been really evil and not noticed (or is my playing so bad and no-one's told me? Should I be arrested for crimes against music??) I wanna go to borders cos have been twice with other bands, would be nice to go with mine. Will bully Hez into it!

    It was magically turned into a PM! So I have seen it and have replied. Thanks (didn't think it was over-info/advertising myself and was grateful for the info).
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2007

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