See Dyke (amongst others!) at Pennine Brass Festival!!

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  1. Pennine Brass Festival

    The Pennine Brass Festival is set to take place later this month with bands such as diverse as Huddersfield and Friendly right up to the show stopping Black Dyke.
    The Pennine Brass Festival is taking place on Saturday 25th February 2006 in Halifax Parish Church. It features performances by Friendly Band, Huddersfield Brass, Slaithwaite Band, Delph Band and Hebden Bridge Band with Black Dyke Band providing the finale.

    Each band will perform their set test piece; adjudication of performances is to be provided by the experienced David Horsfield of Kirklees Music. As each of the five sections is represented, it is an opportunity to hear performances of each test piece before the regional contests in early March.

    The concept for the event came about during discussions between Philip Wilby and the committee of Hebden Bridge Band, who are responsible for organising the festival.

    Black Dyke involvement

    Frances Ellis, Chairman of the Band said, “A decision was made to invite local bands to participate in the festival at Halifax Parish Church. The aim was to provide an opportunity for bands to perform their test piece in a concert/contest environment prior to competing at the regional contest. Several local bands were approached and the result is that six bands took up the invitation to participate. I am particularly pleased that Black Dyke are involved, but I would like to thank all the bands who accepted the invitation to perform. I would also like to express our gratitude to David Horsfield for providing the adjudication”.

    The festival starts at 7.00pm and admission is free.
  2. Anno Draconis

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    What a superb idea:clap: , bravo to all concerned. If I can tear myself away from the wallpapering I'll be doing all next week :)mad: ) I'll be there!

    (especially as it's free;) )
  3. See Dyke for free!!

    Thanks for the support. It's the first time we've done this so hope it goes well. Should be a good chance for the bands to give their test piece a 'run out' before the area, as well as the bonus of comments from a well-respected adjudicator. The venue's lovely too!!:biggrin:
  4. Pennine Brass Festival

    Many thanks to all who supported the Pennine Brass Festival last night (players or otherwise!). It was a brilliant evening and we hope it will become an annual event. Good luck to all for next weekend!:clap:

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