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  1. euphfanhan

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    Not wishing to sound thick or anything, but what is the difference between what section a band is locally and nationally? I don't understaaaaaaaand :confused: !!!
  2. andyp

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    National is based on your last three years results at the Area. Local is based on your results over the last year at local contests (your local association decides which ones count). This leads to bizarre situations where a band can be in two different sections. There's a band local to me who are second local and fourth national!
    I don't see any reason why there just can't be one ranking (there is in Scotland, I think, but I could be wrong!).

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Flixton Band had a bad patch a few years ago when they were down to half a dozen players, and they were still Championship section locally! By request, they moved down to 2nd section locally (they were already 3rd section Nationally).

    I have had experience of a good 4th section band who were 3rd section locally. When they competed in local contests, they were against good national 3rd section bands. Consequently, it was not whether they could win, but how far from the bottom they could be!
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    Quite correct Andy, in Scotland we have one grading and that's it. The situation in the English regions is at best confusing and at worst a total mess.
  5. Charmed

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    When Hatfield were in the 3rd Section and Second section in the late 90s , we had to compete in the 'A' Section locally. This meant we were competing against Yorkshire Area Championship, 1st Section and 2nd Section Bands at our local area contests. Not many of the top Yorkshire Championship Section bands attended these contests so it wasn't as band as it may sound, and it did gives us experience at competing at a higher level.
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    So to end all your confusion just move to Scotland.
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    What section is Black Dyke in locally then? I suppose the same must be said of BAYV
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    I am so happy you have asked this question, as i don't understand the differences between what section a band is locally and nationally. I have read the replies to this, and i am still pretty confused. I understand the part were a 2nd section locally band plays in that particular contest and that at 3rd section nationally plays in that particular band...
    Fleetwood contest, what's that one, local or national? Pontins to...?
    I am sure that one day i will get the know how on contests, but until then i will have to ask...

    Yvonne x
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    The present National grading is straight-forward and fairly easy to administrate. There are obviously questions about how appropriate this measure is, considering it is based on one contest per year and so on. These things are imperfect, of course. I'm not sure how local contest grading works but they ought to give a lot of weight to the national grading in my opinion otherwise you get the bizarre situations which you describe.
  10. B'aht a band

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    They (the Brass Association) should make it like the Champions League draw..... all the top ranked bands could go in one pot, then do that all the way through the sections, until you have approximately 15-20 bands per section, then just have one big contest per section...
    This would do away with the rigmarole of area contests and qualifying for the nationals, costs, etc, plus if any band didn't attend, they would get docked/fined !!!!!
    I'm making this up as I go along and confusing myself, so I'm gonna stop now!

  11. johnmartin

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    No don't stop. It had the makings of a good idea in there. :)
  12. B'aht a band

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    I had to John, me brain started leaking outta me nose!!!
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    Hey Vonny!

    I think that the rule of thumb is that a local contest is one that is run and controlled by the local committee and is generally one that only attracts those from the local region. Although, this is not always the case!

    Something like Pontins could be classed as a national contest but still would not count towards a national section grading as it is not part of the National Championships of Great Britain!! So the line gets even more hazy!

    I think that the only official national contests are the qualifyers and the finals themselves, meaning the regional championships and then the nationals.

  14. FlugelD

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    Methinks that the Scottish system is easy and obvious i.e. if you can compete nationally at 2nd section, you deserve the same locally. (and vice vesra) Saves lots of messing about...
  15. DublinBass

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    Isn't that kinda what theBritish Open is?

    The best bands no matter hich region?

    I suppose if you wanted to have the top bands from each section be like football clubs from different UEFAcountries, that could work...but that sounds much more complicated to me
  16. euphfanhan

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    Sounds good to me! With regards to the other posts, does that mean that, for example if you are 3rd section locally, and 4th nationally, it means that (in theory) the 4th section bands in your area aren't as good as fourth section bands in different parts of the country? So you may be able to beat bands at local contests but not at...other ones?? :confused: Ok I think I'll stop talking now my head hurts.
  17. A J Foad

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    Can't speak for Black Dyke but with BAYV not attending any local contests since 2000 they seem to have disappeared from the Welsh grading table completely. How spooky..............