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    Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band (second section) are looking to fill the shoes of our 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Euphonium player who’s leaving us to go to University.

    The lucky applicant gets the opportunity to join a friendly and progressive band and will be someone who’ll work closely with his section, showing commitment, flexibility, a sense of humour, but above all, musicality to build on the band’s successes in 2011 so far, including an appearance at the finals.

    Please contact Musical Director, Mark Allen by phoning 07758 398007 in strict confidence to register your interest and arrange a visit to see us.
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    "who’ll work closely with his section"
    I apologise hugely for this - it should read "their". Oops. Sorry to all female Euph players!!!
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    Bilton are delighted to report that this vacancy has now been filled.

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