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  1. emziesonic

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    does anyone know where you can get the recordings on CD of Variations on a Welsh Theme (Peter Kneale) and Capriccio (Phillip Sparke). Preferably with the soloists being Horn? Can't seem to find any:-?
  2. Di

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    Owen Farr has recorded Variations on a Welsh theme and it is available from WoB Tunes. There is a Capriccio available on there too if you search, but it is on Soprano, not horn.
  3. Rob

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    Think Sandy Smith did Welsh Themes on the Fairey's 'Double Champions' CD - worth getting for the test piece performances as well. I used to have a tape of Gavin Lindsay doing Capriccio with CWS Glasgow, not sure what the album is called though.... Have never heard of Capriccio being recorded on horn unfortunately!
  4. Di

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    This is on "The Flower of Scotland", as we've said, for Soprano, can't find a horn one either.
  5. brassneck

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    - you'll find that Craig Bennett (sop.) plays Capriccio on this recording as well! ;)
  6. Cornet Nev.

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    it is beginning to look like you will have to hire a studio and record it yourself. :D
  7. TheMusicMan

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    Why not ask RT if he can bring the piece out in rehearsal with you playing the Sop part on horn...? Knowing Wem band well, I am sure you could play it. Might even entice me up for a listen and to say hi to you all as it's one of my fav pieces and I loved ducting it when I was ducting... :)
  8. James Yelland

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    Both these pieces are on Fairey's Double Champions CD, although the Cappricio is on soprano cornet.