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    Back in the 1970's and early 80's I had the privelege of listening to my father play in the Hendon Band under the late Don Morrison. During this period Don arranged a whole host light arrangements used by the band regularly on BBC radio shows such as Friday Night is Music Night etc and at all the concerts they did.

    Does anyone know whether these arrangements are generally available ?

    I am arranging a concert later in the year for my band and would like to include a couple of these arrangements for my father who has a special birthday the same day.

    If anyone is able to assist I would be most grateful


    Ian Young
    MD Marlow Band
  2. Highams

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    Hi Ian,
    A lot of these are with the reformed Denham Hendon Band, they may be willing to let you make copies ?
  3. Roger Thorne

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    I'd would imagine that these arrangements will be copyright of the BBC.
    Certainly worth double checking before your copy or perform.

  4. Ankanala

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    Music for Brass Ltd, a company from Ossett, West Yorkshire published several of Don Morrison`s arrangements in the late eighties. This company may not be in business anymore but if they are Morgan Griffiths at Band Supplies will probably be able to obtain them for you.

  5. Highams

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    Yes, copies ! Don't panic.

    When Don was alive, he kindly authorised a set of 'Cute' for me for the band I was conducting. When I was at Hendon there were several sets of each arrangement in the library.

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