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  1. jingleram

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    No not the human kind, the stuff that sticks to your (or possibly just my) instrument slides! Does anyone have any surefire ways of cleaning this terrorsome substance off the face of the earth? (or possibly just my instrument!). Ideally without scratching the slides of my booootiful Patsy (euphonium). Any helpful suggestions welcome!
  2. well it seems quite strange but a toothbrush and some mild washing up liquid seems to work on my cornet!
  3. Hornblower RN

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    Use a paintbrush instead of a toothbrush for euphonium....believe me it does work:clap:
  4. oddbod

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    Scuse me laughing Jingleram! - that could just as easily have been me... but she's right!

  5. why thank you its glad to know people agree with me once in a while!
    im telling you that doesnt happen very often lol! = )
  6. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Hmm well as sensible as your advice is, it dosen't seem to be working on mine hmmph. My slides are still stained dirty greeny/brown!
  7. oddbod

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    Got to laugh jingleram.. love your controlled reaction!

    can only say that My old mum (She's on here somewhere as MrsBucket) - her method was to take it all to pieces and put it in a bath full of water overnight with some soda crystals.. don't even ask! - I don't know - I'm old but not THAT old!

    Sounds nasty though!....
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  8. BbBill

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  10. MrsBucket

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    hey my son,have less of the old.!!! There wasn't many complaints from you nor Teflon when the soda crystals were in use... old remedy oddbod ,,,
  11. The Eggman

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    Elbow grease and fairy liquid usually work on my Denis wick 1L
    When i read the title of this thread i thought it was some scouser throwing abuse at the mighty red army's loyal fans !

    CAVBASSMAN New Member

    I find the inner slides are usually uncoated brass or steel. After cleaning the scum using the many methods mentioned before you can use Brasso or Duraglit to remove the oxidisation in the outside surface but be careful not to touch the lacquered part. Don't forget to clean the part the slide goes in to as well as by inserting a clean slide back into the dirty receptacle just transfers the scaum back omto the slide and you end up starting all over again. Use a proper slide cream as opposed to vaseline as it slows down the oxidation process.
  13. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    i use Brasso
  14. TuTuKu

    TuTuKu Active Member

    Autosol works very well and leaves the slides looking as good as new. Just don't get it on any laqured/silver plated surfaces.

    However, my bro's toddled off to uni with the Autosol I used to use and can't find a place to buy it close to where I live... so does Brasso do the same job? Does it make the slides silver again?
  15. WoodenFlugel

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    I'd normally use Duraglit for scummy slides, but brasso is just as good. If you're using brasso, make sure you wash it off before playing....:eek:
  16. jingleram

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    So if I were to purchase some Brasso, what should i use to apply it??
  17. oddbod

    oddbod Member

    A Cloth?
  18. Brian

    Brian Member

    reminds me of a song " With what shall I appy it dear oddbod dear oddbodd
    with what shall I apply it dear oddbod, with what"
    "With a cloth dear jingleram dear al, and lol
  19. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Lol again simple logic prevails! I was just wondering if it needed to be a lint-free cloth or something special that wouldn't leave residue on my slides.
  20. oddbod

    oddbod Member

    So Jingleram... nice shiny slides now?

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