Scottish Sop player from nineties - returns to New Zealand

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    Well it's Friday night here in New Zealand and I've consumed the obligatory amount of alcohol to stop me from being a threat to the local sheep. I used to play soprano cornet in Scotland for a few bands - Paisley Silver Band, South Side Brass, Riverside Brass, Barrhead Burgh Band and Dalmelington. Went to London in 1999 and played with First City, Hanwell and Regent Brass. After that took a 15 year break to raise kids. Just returned to banding in the New Zealand D Grade. Starting to practice seriously and returning to a bit of form. Hope to perform well in the NZ national solo champs in July but I know there will be some class players so I don't expect to place. Gidday from down under.
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    Welcome back to the clan, Jamie!