Scottish Open Result

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  1. BreadOfHeaven

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    Well done to the Co. Very good performance. Told you Alex!! :lol: I said last week I had feeling that the Co or Sellers would do it. Not a bad prediciton then!!!

    To all those in Sellers who played in my band hall on Saturday night, sorry about the heating!!! It is Scotland though! :D

    Great music and a great day. Pity about the attendence.

  2. NAS

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    Well done to the Scottish Co-op and Russell!!!!
  3. BrassNeil

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    Top three all gave excellent performances, Kirkie and Sellers shone as well. Well done to the Co a fine end to a very hectic contest schedule. for me they sparkled today and deserved to get a good result. Whitburn may fel a bit hard done to but apparently had problems before going on stage so maybe were a bit on edge. well done to all performers, but where was the audience, thank goodness for the youth bands at the results or the place would of been dead.
  4. Ginge

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    Well done Scottish Co-op!

    Great result!

    Full results
    1. Scottish Co-op (Russell Gray), 11, 194
    2. Hepworth (Mark Bentham), 10, 193
    3. Sellers International (Phillip McCann), 7, 192
    4. Tredegar (Richard Evans), 3, 191
    5. Kirkintilloch (Frank Renton), 6, 190
    6. Fishburn (Graham O'Connor), 4, 189
    7. BTM (David Stowell), 15, 187
    8. Whitburn (Andrew Duncan), 5, 185
    9. Besses o' th' Barn (Steve Sykes), 1, 184
    10. Freckleton (Paul Dalton), 8, 183
    11. Unison Kinneil (Allan Ramsay), 12, 181
    12. Newtongrange (David Hirst), 9, 180
    13. Kingdom Brass (Archie Hutchison), 2, 179
    14. Bo'ness & Carriden (David James), 14, 178
    15. Broxburn Public (Bruce Wallace), 13, 176

    4BarsRest Best Instrumentalist:
    Solo trombone, Nick Hudson, Tredegar

  5. BrassNeil

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    Sorry forgot to say, nice return to Glasgow for Russell Gray, maybe even an extra fiver in the pay packet
  6. shedophone

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    Well done co-op, wish i could have made it up to listen...
  7. well done co-op, good result for them. i thought Whitburn might have done a tad better with Andy Duncan though, he's an awesome musician
  8. craigyboy1

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    Congratulations to all at CO.
    Also congratulations to eveyone involved in the execution of a fine contest......dressing rooms and warm up room.....unheard of previously.....
    What a venue :D
    Regionals here :?:
  9. sudcornet

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    Good Effort from Johnny Midnight and the Co-op. Well done the mighty Hepworth, a real force to be reckoned with now. Congrats to all.

  10. impycornet

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    Congratulations to all at Scottish Co-op.

    Can I also say how well run the whole day was. Timed slots for the dressing rooms, warm up facilities etc were 1st class.

    I hope this Contest contines to run - but a bigger audience next year is a must !

    Where were all the Scottish Banders & Supporters ?
  11. Darth_Tuba

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    I was there and managed to hear about 5 bands or so. I'm not the best of listeners to be honest and get fed up even on great pieces like Paganini after a while. Plus, was nice to go round and chat to people I'd not seen in a while. Of the bands I heard (numbers 4 to 8 ) I pretty much agreed with their relative placings. Congrats to the Co anyway!
  12. Euph Kidd

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    Congratulations to the Co!
    Just thought Id mention the Scottish Youth contest that took place at the same time either in RSAMD or the Concert Halls Suite. Certainly our band, Aberdeen City Youth Brass, really enjoyed the day. It was just a shame the youth players in these contests couldn't see the Open contest at the same time.
    Thanks to all at SBBA for a great day,
    Richard Kidd
  13. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    Yeh well done Richard...hope they all know who you are now :wink:
    Richard is one of the soloists for radio2 young musician.
    Well done to the band and pass my congrats onto ur dad heard you won.

    I have heard that the cost for day was £7000 for the venue.........not too sure the Scottish area could afford that for the regional contest as was suggested by someone. I agree great venue.....but so is the RSAMD maybe it could be less expensive.
  14. Congratulations... I will reward your victory with buying your 2 new cds 8)
  15. groovy

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    Well done to the Co & everyone else, our youth band had a great day as well! :D
  16. Kerwintootle

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    Thanks everybody.

    Absolutely delighted with the result. Ends the contest season nicely for us after a few ups and downs.

    Fantastic contest. Tailor made for the bands i.e nice dressing rooms, warm up room, beautiful stage. Well done to Alan Mclaren and the rest of the organisers for putting a great contest on. The euph quartet were amazing.

    What a great pity about the audience. I felt so sorry for Alan that the numbers hadn't been higher. However, I do hope that the contest will run in the future.

    Well done to Hepworth on a great second place and well done to Nick Hudson for the solo prize.

  17. Mrs Fruity

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    We were all in Skegness enjoying the "ambience" - for this read freezing gales and tearing rain!!!
  18. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

    hehe :p ok ok that was me!!! :)
    i did mean people i knew personally though :D
  19. Moy

    Moy Active Member

    No probs Aidan...I understand but he is a good lad and I know we are North of the Border. Don't often hear of good Scottish players until they move over the border. Least said I suppose about that. :wink:
    You will hear of him in the future I am sure........not that far off as well.
  20. floral_dance

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    I hear you play Richard at the Gala concert well done a wih I had 100th of your talent, good luck in the BBC2 contest I am sure you have a very bright future ahead of you :D