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  1. Neillyboy

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    It's that time of year again where predictions should be thrown about, so I'm targetting the Scottish champs.

    here is my predictions

    1. Coop
    2. Whitburn
    3. Kirky

    1. Unison Kinneil
    2. Coalburn
    3. Newmilns and galston

    1. Tullis russell
    2. Annan
    3. Kingdom B

    1. Dunaskin
    2. Renfrew

    1. Whitburn heartlands
    2. Bon accord B
    3. Stranraer brass
  2. cha

    cha New Member


    bo ness

    kingdom b

    bon accord b
  3. No Third section Cha ?



    1st Section

    Bon Accord Silver

    2nd Section

    Tullis Russell
    St Ronans

    3rd Section

    Dunaskin Doon

    4th Section

    Whitburn Heartlands

    This year the lower sections will be the areas with the biggest challenges as all the bands will play the pieces as it would appear (hearsay only) the many of the top section bands are finding St Magnus a tad on the hard side, but it all adds up to a very interesting 2 days of listening for the neutral and with some really good guys people in the boxes this year, and a great venue it is all adding up to another great Scottish Weekend.
  4. cha

    cha New Member

    Scottish critic, same as your selection for 3rd section.
  5. ltb

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    I agree with most of the predictions but I think that Jedforest might feature in the second second and don't rule out Langholm in the third section. Remember Langholm were 7th at the Borders Entertainment contest.
  6. Neillyboy

    Neillyboy Member

    But Langholm have had an unsteady set test piece record and I've taken my predictions from the past 2 years results with the exception of the 4th section. Just looking at the 3rd section, it's anyone's game really.
  7. Uncle Bryn

    Uncle Bryn Member

    Whitburn (Ian Porthouse knows a thing or two about winning this contest)
    Co-op (All star line up)
    Newtongrange (Have a sneaking feeling they will be challenging)

    Bo'ness (Too big a band to be in section 1 with some good signings)
    Kinneil (Can share a double decker to Finals, then again maybe not)
    Bon Accord (Great corner chairs)

    Tullis (Should have won this for the last god knows how long, they just can't be that unlucky again.)
    St Ronans (have a sneaking suspicion that the band on the up will continue)
    Annan (Decent band who could sneak in)

    Irvine and Dreg (too good for this section sound wise)
    Dunaskin Doon (ditto above)
    Langholm (based on recent form)

    Bon Accord B (Well put together band)
    Buckhaven (Should be looking to get out of this section)
    Whitburn Heartlands (As Alan Hansen once said, you can never win anything with kids, then again he was wrong)​
  8. ltb

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    Let's all be honest. You could go on stage and play it really well and the way your MD wanted you to play it but if the Adjudicator doesn't like your style you're not going to get the result. For our piece Partita you need 4 percussionists which we have and sounds good but a band last year playing Hollywood in on the regionals last year had 1 percussionists when it required 4 - lots of percussion parts missing and they were placed 2nd - how does that work.
  9. MoominDave

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    My guess would be that if they had had all the percussion there they would have placed 1st by some distance?

    In all honesty, it's rare to run across an adjudication where you can afterwards say with all honesty that your interpretation was anywhere near the main problem. I can think of one clear-cut case in a personal quarter-century of contesting (L&SC championship section area 2008, if anyone cares). I have never come across a contest at 3rd section level where putting every note in the right place, in tune and in time, would not win you the thing, no matter what your interpretational flaws. The task ahead is a straightforward one (though not necessarily an easy one!).
  10. Neillyboy

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    I aggree Dave, it's been seen in the past where bands are missing a few parts here and there and have played some outstanding music. Partita for band for example is scored for 3 percussionists. And as players are limited round some necks of the woods, there will be parts missing inevitably. I'm very fortunate in the fact I have a full band with 3 good percussionists but I know there will be other bands who maybe won't have that luxury. At the end of the day, bands will adapt and overcome the shortfalls and will put on great performances with the resources they have.
  11. GordonH

    GordonH Active Member


    I would suspect Jed and Tullis as the top two.
  12. euphantastic

    euphantastic New Member

    hard to disagree with much of this. . I would say Kingdom b band will be in with a shout in 2nd section, ( fighting it out with tullis for thr honours, and Shotts for 3rd place.

    I also think Whitburn Heartlands band will win 4th section, with Bon accord b band 2nd.
  13. lynsey83

    lynsey83 Member

    We'd be happy with that (Shotts) - obviously would love to take home some silverware, the band's had a tough couple of years but has really been working hard since the New Year. Good luck to all taking part at the weekend!

  14. bbg

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    Congratulations to the Tullis Russell organisation, both bands winning.....fundraising for Cheltenham started already guys?!
    Also a big well done to Ian Milligan and Callander in section 4.
    We are happy with our 4th place, establishing us in the 2nd Section in our second year since promotion; like many bands we have students away a lot of the time but rehearsals have been well attended in our recently acquired premises, youth band numbers are steadyso the immediate future is looking good.
  15. Hsop

    Hsop Member

    Langholm? Maybe not then!
  16. smaca

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    Unfortunately I could not attend on the Saturday, but heard all the 20 bands from First and Championship Section.

    No real surprises for me in the results......Granite were very musical on a very musical piece, and Bon-Accord also put on a fine show. In Championship,and as expected, Co-op and Whitburn stood out from the rest, but Co-op were really really good yesterday....argubaly the best Scottish contest performance from them for some time in my view.

    Thanks to SBBA and their team for a great day. It was well organised, great hall, and great entertainment. Many Thanks.
  17. smaca have to agree with your comments on the Sunday with the Co-op being exceptional.

    The Saturday was a great day although I missed a few of the 4th section contest (thats the problem with having lots of family in the Perth area) so as I did not hear all the bands I do not feel it right to pass coment on the days playing but well done to Callander Brass what a fantastic result for them and nice to see Tayport on the up again, and well done to all the new bands in the section.

    Tullis were outstanding winners in the second section and although not faultless but the quality was very much on show around all the band, and the final section was very exciting I agreed with the adjudicators the St Davids were "bland" but it was all there in musical terms and it was as tight as any performance on the day so very brave to award St Davids second as it would have been easier to use the blandness as an excuse to take points away. Arbroath and St Ronan's also put in excellent performaces and I don't see St Ronan's staying in this section very long. Some of the bands lower down in the awards really didn't get to grips with the music (did every conductor actually read the story behind each movement ?) and using loud harsh playing to try and generate excitment was never going to work with the 2 very experienced guys in the box

    The third section was amazing and very disapointing to see so few people in to listen to a great piece and some fantastic playing. Tullis Intermediate were outstanding and their slow movement was played with a maturity well beyond the age of this band (someone in the hall told me they are still not 3 years old yet?) and with a very young Trombone section that were outstanding. Dunaskin and Barrhead each had something very special in their respective performances and I'm sure on another day the results could have gone to either of these bands. The piece was a bit difficult for a few of the bands but all in all a great contest to listen too.

    There can't have been to many times in the history of the Scottish when one organisation has won 2 titles and I'm thinking it might have been Kirkintilloch and Kirkie Kelvin or perhaps Bon Accord and Bon Accord B ? perhaps someone will know, and three bands all winning of the Number 5 draw, but well done to all the winners and the losers and thanks to SBBA for another great brass band weekend and roll on the European
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  18. Statto

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    First time in Scottish Championship history that the same organisation has won two titles in the same year as far as I can tell. Incidentally, also the first time that Kirkie Kelvin has beaten Kirkie in the Scottish.
  19. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Just checking back. BBR is missing quite a few of the youth sections, but has all the adult sections back to the beginning in 1895.

    If we include the youth section, this happened in 1979, when Kilmarnock Concert Brass won the championship section and Kilmarnock Area Schools won the youth section. I'm not sure whether it's quite correct to count those two bands as members of the same organisation or not, though I'm pretty certain they both arose from the same system?

    In 1908, two bands that later merged both won titles, Kelty & Blairadam taking the championship and Cowdenbeath taking the second section - they merged to form Kingdom Brass in 1999. But that seems a bit contrived. This is certainly the first occasion that two bands from the same organisation have won adult sections at the Scottish Championships in the same year.
  20. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Away from the Scottish, at other area qualifying competitions, this happened in 2004 in the NW area, when Pemberton Old Wigan won the 1st section and Pemberton Old Wigan B won the 4th section.