Scottish championships 4th section

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  1. Borfeo

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    Fourth Section
    Saturday 13th March
    Commences: c.5.25pm

    Test Piece: Partita – Edward Gregson
    Adjudicator: Frank Renton & Raymond Tennant

    1. Dunfermline Town, S. Duncan , 3, 184
    2. Newlands Concert, M. Bell, 11, 182
    3. Bon Accord Silver B, B. Wallace, 9, 181
    4. Coalburn Silver, G. Bowman. 4, 180
    5. Dundee Instrumental (St. Margaret's), J. Tonner, 7, 179
    6. Creetown Silver, S. McNab, 8, 178
    7. Penicuik Silver, I. Fleming, 1, 177
    8. Stranraer Brass, I. Munro, 5, 176
    9. Hawick Saxhorn, C. Kemp, 6, 175
    10. Queensferry High, J. Anderson, 10, 174
    11. Dysart Colliery, F. Culross, 2, 170

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    Can I just say........................YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! :p
    Harrogate in September
  2. Dave1

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    Congratulations Sir, well done to you and your band. Good to meet you and hope it will not be too long before we see each other again.
  3. Borfeo

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    Hi Dave

    Yeah it was great to meet you too, certainly hope to speak again soon, possibly at the carnegie or something.

  4. eckyboy

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    Well done Dunfermline,Allan Ward will be delighted and great for Pete Webster.these guys live for Dunfermline-especially Wardy.He wears his blazer on a Saturday night out of habit :?
    Great for Newlands and well done Mark :p Never knew you had it in you,Patience is not you're strong point :D
  5. Borfeo

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    My old Primary School teacher used to say that :D
  6. eckyboy

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    Being a Fifer was really pleased to see Dysart put in a performance this year-heard they had a bass player who has only played for a few months and took it up after his son asked for new players.The guy had never played in his life before--brilliant.
    By the way Mark I never knew you went to school :lol:
  7. Borfeo

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    It's a well kept secret, I even managed to get CSYS all went downhill at Uni though :?

    It was great to see 11 bands in the fourth section. After last year it shows that at least the movement is on the up again in Scotland.
  8. Wardy

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    Ha you remember that night!!
    That was a good one!
    Are you free on the 7th August?
  9. eckyboy

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    Whats on like-Alan.As long as it involves booze should be OK :lol: