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  1. The Scottish Brass Band Association are probably one of the most forward thinking band associations in the world and are continually driving changes and benefits for bands north of the border but surely their decission to hold the Scottish Challenge Cup & Shield on the same weekend as Brass In Concert is a huge mistake. Tickets for BIC have already been sold and you can guarantee that many bands people from the 4th to the 1st section will have already purchased tickets for the BIC event (and have probably done so for many years) which will only put the bands in which they play for under pressure to find players for the Scottish contest.

    Will this clash of dates effect many bands ? would be good to hear and although the contest is still 6 months away can changes be made (I can't see BIC changing) Due to the fact that the BIC contest is closer to me and easier to get to than Kilmarnock I know where I will be on the 19th Nov.

    Thoughts, views
  2. Accidental

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    I can't help thinking "huge mistake" is more than a little unfair....

    Apart from the facts that they are very different contests, open to (mostly) different bands and people who would be willing and able to travel to one may not be interested in the other, there could be dozens of other factors at play here - not least the possibility that either the SBBA confirmed their dates and/or the venue before BiC, or the venue wasn't available on an alternative date?
  3. BIC is very well attended by Scottish bands people due to the location and personally I think the choice of date will have an effect on bands attending the Scottish Challenge Cup and Shield contest regardless of when the date was set, but I will stand corrected if it turns out not to be the case. My post was to get the feelings of bands who are thinking about attending the Scottish contest and will BIC play a part in their decission to attend or not.
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    I know lots of band people who go to BIC. They might choose not to if their band has to compete at the challenge shield/cup.
  5. smaca

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    My other question would be why has contest been moved to Ayrshire?No disrespect to Kilmarnock or its Town Hall,but from historic experiences at Kilmarnock when Glasgow /Strathclyde Charities contests existed,it is rather boomy and nowhere near the super acoustics that we get at Perth,never mind the excellent facilities. I think bands participating will be more concerned with that than attending due to BIC..........players like Perth in general,where moving this may make them feel like 2nd class saying all that perhaps cost or clash of dates complicated venues this year, so perhaps without the facts unfair for me to comment.
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    Is there perhaps a danger in Scottish band contesting becoming too reliant on the superb venue at Perth with both of the major events of the year held there?
  7. smaca

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    From my side not sure,just wondering why after years of this contest being held in Perth why sudden change 90 or so miles south to not as a prestigious venue as PCH.
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    Hi all,

    The Scottish Cup & Shield changed to the Scottish Challenge Contest last year.

    Whilst it is unfortunate that the date clashes with BIC the "Festival of Brass" has previously been held over two weekends. We did considered other alternative dates but was simply not possible as it would have impacted other Scottish Contests. As always the SBBA Events committee will review again for next year and take on board any feedback.

    As for the change of venue this is down to the Perth Concert Hall not being available but also due to cost. I can assure you that we tried various other venues and this was the only venue available.

    Personally I can not see how SBBA can afford to hire the Perth Concert Hall going forward, it costs over £3000 per day and costs are increasing year on year... this is only my opinion but bands should be aware of the cost implications.

    I am please to confirm that we already have a healthy entry (including one English Band) and I look forward to seeing those who can make it in Kilmarnock.

    Alan Douglas
    Contest Controller
    Scottish Challenge
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    Wow, £3,000 a day!! can use my garden for £1,000 pe day?

    Thanks for feedback Alan. I remember around November time there used to be The Forth Valley contest, which sometimes held in Falkirk Town fact The Scottish Championships used to alternate between Falkirk and Motherwell Civic Theatre. I liked the Motherwell venue better, where there were two halls back to back, and all sections were held in the one day.....wonder if that was an option again in future years in terms of hiring a hall only for one day instead of two?...Anyway, just a thought that came into my head as I was typing.

    I am sure as you say there will be a good entry and contest this year.
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