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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by groovy, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. groovy

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    I very much enjoyed taking part in this in Dundee on Sunday night and I believe £5000+ was raised for the tsunami appeal over the three concerts! Iain Culross, the soloist, was very good, as were Kingdom Brass and everyone who took part! Were any other tMPers there?
  2. JTKBrass

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    There were quite a few there, I know a lot of my band are on here ... not sure of their usernames tho !! James McFadyen and Alec Wilson from Tullis, Bruce Gilmour from Lochgelly, probably a lot more I don't know were there too.
  3. brassneck

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    May as well add heartfelt congratulations to the Scottish Borders band Selkirk for their fund-raising efforts:-

    ... quoted from the Brass Band World Website "The Selkirk Silver Band took part in a Tsunami Relief Aid concert at Victoria Hall in Selkirk on January 16. The concert raised a total of £7,300 for agencies aiding victims of the Tsunami."
  4. mp_TRMB

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    I was there also.
    Thourghly enjoyed it all.
    Does anyone know when the CD will be out?

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