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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by The Scottish Critic, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. The Scottish Critic

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    Well its been a long weekend and although only one band was tipped to win here this weekend I think the Scottish bands have done as well as they have done for a long time.

    I have sat all weekend and never missed a Scottish band so hopefully will be allowed to say what my feelings are. Some excellent performances some that were not so good and one that perfomed like a certain Scottish Football Club, big names heavy hitters and paid loads but can't perform away from home.

    I think the hardest done band this weekend was Bon Accord B, excellenr performance, Richard had them playing way above their standard and what a day to show off, not sure what the adjudicators were looking for but perhaps they should ask someone from Bon Accord for a recording so they can see where they went wrong. Kingdom Brass B, promised so much but rough around the edges and tuning in the Euphs.........!!!! nice Sop, Bari and Solo Horn but sounded like a band that won the contest last week, plus I'm not sure playing so late with a few youngsters who should have been in their beds by that time would have helped, but you did have a few seasoned pro's around the stand........ who was the bumper up, couldn't place him but he looked familar from a long time ago.

    Stuart Balck you are a star, one gentleman sitting behind me said to his friend " I wonder what top Scottish band he has been drafted in from " perhaps you should let them all know how long you have played in the area, well done you. Great performance by Jed and only a few points away from making history. George you looked great in the kilt and a nice solid performance could have been better but some lovely moments and remember you were up against the cream of the 3rd section of Great Britain, not the local Festival of Brass in Fife, you have a young band and if they stick together who knows where you might end up, or do you lose them all to Uni because they are so clever like so many other lower section bands.

    Croy and Coalburn gave realy solid performances, many would have written of Croy of before they had played a note today as their victory at the Scottish was not the most convincing, but they stood up to the challenge this weekend and did Mr Blackwood proud as well as their home town, well village, well hamlet, well in actual fact a couple of streets. Coalburn came close to being much higher up the placings for me but tuning and a couple of really poor entries I think cost them dearly. But still two good performances and on Friday would these bands have accepted 7th and 8th realistically I think they may have top 10 at the nationals is not to be scoffed at.

    The first section was this weekend (as it always is) at this contest the hardest to do well at, look at some of the famous names in here, most of these bands would do well in any contest in Scotland if you take out the top 3 (in Scotland), Clack played earlier and I do feel a later draw might just have seen a top six placing I know they were 7th but maybe ....... another two or three up the ladder. Lovely baritone and solid Sop with good playing on all the top seats. Dalkeith played very well, could they have done better of course they could have but they play way above what they have done in the past but this was such a tough section and congrats to you all.

    So 4 sections with 4 bands in the top 10 and the others not far away, our lowest band was Bon Accord but in my (humble opinion) the hardest done by, a good weekend by Scottish Bands, the UK has a population of 60+ million we have about 12 million so percentage wise a great weekend for Scotland..................... for anyone that wants to knock my crits look at my name, I am Scotish, I used to play in Scotland and I support Scotish Bands 100% and I say it how I hear it, a great weekend, a really nice venue and a very positive showing by Scottish Bands, well done to you all, and if you are going to the Fife Contest I may say a few good things about you aswell.

    My partner and I (soon to be married) are now off to Stanstead for a nice flight on Mon to Gran canaria where sad as it is I will revist all my notes from the contest and may think my comments (in my own book) have been harsh on English Bands but certainly not on the Scottish Bands, a truely fantasic showing from you all.

    A very tired but happy Scottich Critic
  2. The Scottish Critic

    The Scottish Critic Member

    Dam can't even spell

    The Scottish Critic

    I didn't even notice but she who must be obeyed did................................ and she wasn't even in the box this weekend...............pity
  3. FlugelD

    FlugelD Member

    I'd agree that it's been a fairly good weekend for the Scottish bands, but

    the population of Scotland is about 5 1/4 million, much the same - or smaller - than your average English region.
  4. brassneck

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    I heard that Brian Rankine was signed for the front row of Kingdom B band.
  5. Kofi

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    Cheers Scottish Critic!

    Ive figured out who you are now, but I'll keep mum!

    We, and I suppose others, struggled with the timing of the rehearsals because so many of our players are at uni. They did their best but we didn't have the full band until the actual contest. On top of that, my wife (who is our very experienced flugel player) had to withdraw at the last minute as her dad is ill. She was replaced by a very talented young girl of 14 who managed to get the day off from the Connect orchestra, travelled down with her dad late on Saturday night having played trumpet all day, and play that very exposed part on the back of 2 rehearsals... She did really well but it was tough for her. Given all that, I was really pleased with our performance. We tried not to be gung ho and to focus on controlled tempo qnd dynamics, but were marked down for not going at it a bit more full blooded, which is a first for us! I was given false hope by the positive comments in 4BR so was even more disappointed with the result.
    We had a great trip though, and our future is bright. I don't see us losing many players as they are all such good friends, it's just hard to get them together often because of the circumstances. They really are great kids though and make conducting the band an honour.

    Oh, and my kilt seemed to draw a few comments but it's what I wear for all our special events. Plus, I split my breeks at the Scottish when I was playing with my son!

    See you soon :)
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