Scottish Band of The Year 2006

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    I've updated the points for band of the year on the SBBA website. With only two qualifying contests to go, Fife and RAH, most of the titles are already sorted out.

    In the Championship section the Co-op cannot be caught even if Kirkie win at RAH. Dalmellington are runaway, and worthy, winners in the 1st section. Barrhead cannot be caught in the 2nd section and win due to attending more contests then Scottish Champions City of Discovery. 3rd section is close but TR can only be denied if they finish last of the four 3rd section bands and Coalburn win the section. The 4th section is closest and with only Queensferry going to FCBA they should tie with Turrif on 18 points. Turriff will take the title though because of their higher placing at the Scottish Championships.

    Well done to all the bands for a fine years contesting. The presentations will be made at the Scottish Open contest in the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow on November 26th.
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    A very good year thus far for Scottish bands; 1 x 3rd, 2 x 4th and 2 x 6th places in this year's National Final and 3 x top 10 finishes in the British Open! Well done to all the bands.