Scottish Area Contest - 2010

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  1. Di

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    Scottish Area Contest
    Championship Section
    Sunday 14th March 2010
    Draw: 13:35, Start: 15:05

    Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
    English Heritage, George Lloyd
    Adjudicators: Bret Baker & Chris Wormald

    Bon Accord Silver, John Maines

    Clackmannan, Paul Kiernan
    Co-operative Funeralcare, Russell Gray
    Dalmellington, Archie Hutchison
    Kingdom Brass, Andy Duncan
    Kirkintilloch, Frank Renton
    Kirkintilloch Kelvin, Charles Keenan
    Newtongrange Silver, Nigel Boddice MBE
    Unison Kinneil, Allan Ramsay
    Whitburn, Steven Mead


    Scottish Area Contest
    First Section
    Sunday 14th March 2010
    Draw: 09:00, Start: 10:30

    Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
    A Moorside Suite, Gustav Holst
    Adjudicators: Dave Barringer & David Thornton

    Annan Town (Magnox North) Band, David Shanks

    Arbroath Instrumental, Michael Robertson
    Bathgate, Eoin Tonner
    Bo'ness & Carriden Silver, Steve Sykes
    Broxburn & Livingston, Andrew Duncan
    Campbeltown Brass, Craig Anderson
    Dunaskin Doon, John Boax
    Johnstone Silver, Raymond Tennant
    Lochgelly, Paul Drury
    Newmilns & Galston, Alec McCutcheon


    Scottish Area Contest
    Second Section

    Saturday 13th March 2010
    Draw: 14:40, Start: 16:10

    Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
    Kingdom of Dragons, Philip Harper
    Adjudicators: Nigel Seaman & Chris Wormald

    Barrhead Burgh, Lynda Nicholson

    City of Discovery, Bruce Wallace
    Coalburn Silver, Gareth Bowman
    Croy Silver, Ken Blackwood
    Dalkeith & Monktonhall, Jim Chamberlain
    Dunfermline Town, David Neil
    Granite City Brass, Lt. Col (Retd) Robert Owen
    Jedforest Instrumental, Russell Gray
    Selkirk Silver, Mark Bell
    Shotts St. Patrick's, Michael Marzella
    St. Ronan's Silver, Charlie Farren
    Tullis Russell, John Hinckley


    Scottish Area Contest
    Third Section

    Saturday 13th March 2010
    Draw: 11:00, Start: 12:30
    Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
    Labour & Love, Percy Fletcher
    Adjudicators: Bret Baker & Dave Barringer

    Bon Accord Silver 'B', Richard Kidd
    Brass Sounds Inverclyde, Gareth Bowman
    Buckhaven & Methil Miners, Gordon Evans MBE
    Dundee Instrumental, John M Tonner
    Irvine & Dreghorn, John Boax
    Kilmarnock Concert, Craig Anderson
    MacTaggart Scott, Mark Bell
    Peebles Burgh, TBA
    Perthshire Brass, George Annan
    Renfrew Burgh, David Hutchison
    St. David's Brass, John A Dickson


    Scottish Area Contest
    Fourth Section

    Saturday 13th March 2010
    Draw: 8:00, Start: 10:00
    Rothes Hall, Glenrothes
    Saint-Saens Variations, Philip Sparke
    Adjudicators: Nigel Seaman & David Thornton

    Dumfries Town, Peter Heyes
    Dysart Colliery, Bill Sandell
    Langholm Town, Alan Fernie
    Penicuik Silver, David McAuley
    Queensferry Community Brass, James Anderson
    Tayport Instrumental, Frank Culross

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  2. KMJ Recordings

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    We'll see you all up there as we're venturing North to record the contest...good (early!) luck to all the competitors!
  3. Treble72

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    Any thoughts on some of the recent player changes? Kingdom added a few new faces to their ranks , Whitburn and Kirkie with a change or three also. I hear big Andy Mclean back on solo euph at kirkie after a time away

  4. Souter

    Souter Member

    Sorry to be pedantic and repeat what others have posted in previous years but can we please stop referring to the contest as the Scottish REGIONAL Championships.

    The competition is The Scottish Championships. (No REGION Involved)

    Rant over!
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    There - that better? I've taken the lead from the sbba web site and changed "regional" to "area".

    Region - area - same difference. There are 8 "regions" / "areas" which enter the National Championships of Great Britain - Scotland is one of them. :)
  6. bbg

    bbg Member

    Scotland is not, has not been , and never will be a region or an area. We are a country with our own legal and education systems and an elected Government. I write as a patriot not necessarily a Nationalist - but like Soutar, I get fed up of continual belittling of our fine land by the English-based media in general at all levels.

    Do we read references to the Norwegian Area Championships? Or the French? Or Swiss?

    "The Scottish Championships, incorporating qualification for the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain " - taken from the programme covers of recent years.
  7. Euphjam

    Euphjam Member

    What he said.....:clap:
  8. Tubah

    Tubah Member

    I concur in a purely parochial fashion...................:clap:
  9. Di

    Di Active Member

    Honestly chaps, no offence of slight intended. Please don't shoot me. :)
  10. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    Don't worry Di we won't shoot you.

    We'll set you free on a heather moor before hunting you down with a pack of haggis hounds. You will then be placed in the stocks at Edinburgh castle where the locals will throw damp tartan rags at you.

    Alternatively we could just get you a summer job in one of the tartan tat shops on Princes Street. Guaranteed to drive you mental. :)
  11. Euphjam

    Euphjam Member

    I would expect no less....:biggrin:
  12. bbg

    bbg Member

    It's OK , Di - we're much more civilised up here these days, we stopped shooting tourists a few years ago..................!!!:)

    Indeed, you'd be made more than welcome in Glenrothes next month for the "Scottish", us banders are generally a friendly bunch , always delighted to see as many folks for a bit of offstage banter as can make it along!
  13. KMJ Recordings

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    Make sure you seek me out, then....pint of heavy ;)
  14. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    So you have agreed to record the contest then?
  15. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Yep....I like it up there, even if I do have to wear double thermals :D
  16. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Glenrothes should be quite an experience for you! New town built for miners to re-locate for work at a super-pit. It closed after 4 years because of flooding and other problems.
  17. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Looking forward to it....if it's run anything like the Scottish Open, the SBBA should take over the world :)
  18. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Hall's about the right size for the event. Built galleries for seating though!
  19. It's all very quiet on here - does this mean everyone is at extra rehearsals?!

    Gutted can't be there this weekend but sure it'll be a great weekend of brass as always.
  20. bbg

    bbg Member

    Aye, Rachael, we are all at extra rehearsals!

    A good get-together last night, with very few absent and non of those without very valid reason. Looking forward to another rehearsal tomorrow before the nice short trip down the road to Glenrothes.

    Can't be there this weekend, Rachael? Wot? Annan without the Wee Timpanist?

    Quietly confident that we can give a good account of ourselves as we sadly return to the 3rd Section - a good number of Saturday's (all home-grown) lineup played last year and have since tasted success with the Youth Band in Perth and Newtongrange, whilst two experienced players are back from overseas working as well.

    All the best to all tMP'ers over the weekend.